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Substanial Collaborations

| Sunday, December 28, 2008

8 songs for 8 days of Christmas/Kwanzaa from me, your man, Substantial on

Eight tracks including music by 2 Hungry Bros., Extended F@mm, Fresh Daily, Last Emperor, Nujabes, Pumpkinhead, RED EYE, Saga Bloom, Session, Steph, Wordsmith & More.

I just found out about this site today and figured it would be cool to throw something together for yall with some new and old music, you may or may not be familiar with.

So enjoy and have a happy and safe holiday. Thanks for making my year absolutely amazing with all of your love and support. My daughter’s birth was simply the cherry on top of an amazing year!

I know the crew got a lot of heat lined up for you all but please believe when I tell you that I’m about to open the flood gates on yall and 2009 is about to be 200-Mine! Lets go.

Stay in Peace

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Anonymous said...

Stan is dat damn good. LOL

Anonymous said...

MD/DC/VA Stand up, the 2 bros joint is bananas it sounds like a eop track...substanial...on a eop track...the best thing since dre's the chronic