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Begin Again

| Tuesday, December 2, 2008
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Begin Again by s. k. Jackson

It's been ignited
That fuel that was supposed to be lost for all time
The magma that was cooled to the point of solidifying
And frozen in space and time
For what was to be eternity.
The pulse that had been quieted has begun to throb
And with it, the feeling of pure and unbridled passion
Begins to flow in revolutions around the heart
That stopped beating long ago.
You've allowed me to Begin Again.
The longing for a symbiot; that heart to beat in tandem with mine
The tears to flow in unison with mine
The fire to burn with the same intensity as mine
Has come to Begin Again.
My world, my heart, my soul has recharged
And having been blessed with that Eternal Approval
I have allowed myself...with your Begin Again.


infinity said...

wow that's deep...very good


Costa said...

I like I like, infinity you know this means war right. I want to begin again with the writer, alright. Blessings to every one

DB said...

This is hot

K' said...

Love is a beautiful thing

Monsta said...

Thats deep, I can relate and I really like it.

taka said...

This is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVEEEEE! Can I get a personal reading! Hmmm, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Jackson......

Babygirlasu said...

That was beautiful! That was a reminder for life if you feel like you cant go on just remember at anytime you can begin again...