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Hump Day Comedy - Hustleman

| Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO


Get a taste of what Dead Rising 2 has to offer in this full-featured prologue! Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey have barely escaped the Las Vegas zombie outbreak with their lives. They arrive in the lonely desert town of Still Creek looking for some rest, but unfortunately there is no rest to be had as this sleepy town has become overrun with zombies. Chuck must kill zombies, rescue survivors and escape from the zombie nightmare that is Still Creek before time runs out. Any PP, clothing, and Combo Cards gained in CASE ZERO will carry over into your Dead Rising 2 game! There are no refunds for this

Vanquish (XBOX 360 DEMO)



KAIMBR : Behind The Beats


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MindsOne - Legion of Doom (prod by Kev Brown)


<a href="">Legion of Doom by MindsOne</a>
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Big KRIT and 9th Wonder in the Studio

| Monday, August 30, 2010

Stik Figa & D/WILL - Alive and Well


<a href="">Alive by D/WILL</a>

Leaks from Heatroc and Priceless - The Real World Mixtape

These are the first two songs to be released from the upcoming mixtape by HeatRoc & *PriCeLeSs* called “Real World Mixtape.” Release date TBA. HeatRoc & *PriCeLeSs* have created their first project as a compilation of songs collaborating with different artists. It is a combination of sampled driven beats and original soundscapes. Artists in the project will include D/WiLL, Pheo, The Machine, Punchline, Cali Nate, Flo'z, Carnegie, Mista Mista, Faimkills, Jayce Miguel, Choze, Eric Vintage and many more.

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| Sunday, August 29, 2010
Dope is a understatement for this project. Listen for yourself.

<a href="">&quot;Thesis&quot; by Versis</a>

Versis - "The Need" (prod. by BMB) from colin palmer on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Little Miss Knobody

| Saturday, August 28, 2010
Big up to one of my favorite bloggers, Happy Birthday Little Miss Knobody

Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Footage

| Friday, August 27, 2010

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Red Dead Redemption 'Liars and Cheats' DLC coming Sept. 21


On the heels of the June Co-operative Multiplayer release, the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack – which introduced six new Co-operative missions for up to 4 people to conquer together…

And the recent release, the Legends and Killers Pack – which mostly focused on Competitive Multiplayer and added 9 new map locations tailored for Competitive mode action, along with 8 playable characters from the world of Red Dead Revolver and the deadly Tomahawk everyone’s been hacking each other with online…

We are excited to bring you our next packs, starting with the September 21st 2010 debut of our Free Roam release: the Liars and Cheats Pack, which focuses on expanding the Free Roam multiplayer experience as well as adding new modes to Competitive Multiplayer.

The Liars and Cheats Pack will contain a great range of new highly-requested features to expand the Free Roam world including Multiplayer Poker and Liar’s Dice, as well as a brand new Competitive Multiplayer gameplay mode. The Liars and Cheats Pack will also include the content previously announced as the Free Roam Pack. The Free Roam Pack was originally planned as a free download, but due to the platform networks’ restrictions on numbers of free packs we can give away (and our promise to bring you the free Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack – more on that below), we have instead added it to the Liars and Cheats Pack as one Free Roam release boasting the following features and more:

Multiplayer Poker and Liar's Dice Games
One of the most fan-requested features comes to multiplayer.

Multiplayer Horse Races
Ride out against your friends and foes online - with mounted combat guns blazing.

The Explosive Rifle
A devastatingly destructive new weapon with its own new single-player and multiplayer challenges.

7 New Gang Hideouts
Posse up and take on the new Hideouts together to level up quickly.

4 New Hunting Grounds
New Hunting Grounds are now visible on the map for all to see, with some of the most action-packed wildlife hunting yet.

Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode
Teams take turns in attack and defense in multi-tiered Competitive games.

Posse Scoring and Leaderboards
Compare stats with other posses and compete to see who are the kings of the Free Roam frontier.

Plus, 15 additional multiplayer characters from the Red Dead Redemption storyline are being made available as multiplayer characters, and more all-new Achievements and Trophies.

This pack will be released on September 21st worldwide for download on both PlayStation Network ($9.99) and Xbox LIVE (800 Microsoft Points). Stay tuned for lots more detail on the content in this pack including first screens and more.

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Stoney Watson - True to Desire Preview


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A Great Way to Start the Weekend

| Thursday, August 26, 2010
DISCLAIMER: I know the Mcgruff video doesn't go with the rest of the videos but either way everyone be blessed and have a great weekend.

In da Crates - Doctor Dre and Ed Lover

This is one of my favorite records in my collection. I need my Yo MTV Raps

Street Fighter’s Akuma Shoes


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Ayomari - Just A Dreamer (VIDEO)


Inception x Just a Dreamer from LAStereotv on Vimeo.

Foner - Back to the USSR

| Wednesday, August 25, 2010

<a href="">Чувствуй(Feel) by Foner</a>

Carlitta Durand - Lost love feat. Jabee (VIDEO)


Carlitta Durand - Lost love feat. Jabee from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

Hump Day Comedy - What N*%g!

| Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Walking Dead (Trailer)


Oh No: Dr. No’s Infected Gadget VTech Mix

| Monday, August 23, 2010

01. Intro
02. Infections
03. Alert!
04. Electronic Meditation Music
05. In the Claw
06. The Big Chase
07. Gadget Blues
08. Nebulas
09. Malfunctions
10. Criminal Activities
11. Bank Vaults
12. Transport
13. The Carnival
14. Outro

The Big C Episode 1

Now since the season of The Boondocks is over, I can always count on Weeds and now The Big C


Best of...Outsidaz


One of hip hops most underrated and slept on posses, The Outsidaz had the rhymes and the production. Big ups to HL at Lattisaw Tapes for putting together this compilation. Enjoy
Young Zee - Ever Be
Young Zee (feat KRS One & Last Emperor) - Yeah
Young Zee (feat Casual) - Bay Vs Bricks
Young Zee - Close Ya Doorz
Young Zee - Electric Chair
Young Zee & Pacewon - EZ Widaz
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - I Got Your Back
Rah Digga & Ghostface - ?!?!?
Rah Digga & Outsidaz - The Last Word
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - Settin' It Off
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) Straight Spittin'
Rah Digga - Straight Spittin' Part II
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - This Is What Happens
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - We Got U Opin II
Outsidaz (feat Fugees) - Cowboys
Outsidaz (feat Bizarre) - Get The Dick
Outsidaz - Hard Act to Follow
Rah Digga - Harriet Thugman
Pacewon - I Declare War
Pacewon - Locked
Outsidaz (feat Eminem) - Macosa
Pace Won & Young Zee - Halftime Radio Freestyle
Outsidaz - The Rah Rah
Outsidaz (feat Eminem) - Rush Ya Clique
Pacewon - Step Up
Pacewon - Sunroof Top
Pacewon, Eminem, & Bizarre - Take The World
Outsidaz (feat. Method Man & Redman) - Who You Be
Outsidaz - Brick City
Outsidaz - Duck Hunting
Outsidaz - Hard Act to Follow
Outsidaz - Keep On
Outsidaz - Listen
Outsidaz - Rain or Shine

Black Milk - DEADLY MEDLEY Feat. Royce da 5’9″ & Elzhi


Smoke DZA – “Continental Kush Breakfast” (VIDEO)


Happy Birthday Digs

| Sunday, August 22, 2010
I wanted to take the time to send a Birthday shout out to Digs Daily over at Wux Flux, and anybody else celebrating a birthday this month. If I forget to wish anybody Happy Birthday please forgive me, I am bad with dates. Blessings to Digs and anyone celebrating a Born Day this month.

Sucker Punch (Movie Trailer)

| Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Great Way to Start the Weekend

| Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ayatollah on the MPC


Crysis 2 Multiplayer Modes

Crysis 2 has been pushed back from this December to next March, here is more gameplay footage and a listing of the multiplayer modes.


Crash Site
Crash Site is a team-based game mode where 2 sides compete for control of Ceph
Drop Pods launched periodically into the map by drop ships patrolling overhead.
Teams score points by guarding the pods and keeping enemies at bay.

Team Instant Action
Team Instant Action is a standard game mode pitting 2 teams against each other.
Kill as many opponents as possible, whilst attempting to minimize your own deaths.
Use the Nanosuit to sneak up on enemies in Stealth mode, or charge in and gun them down in Armor.



Weapons Specialist Module
With the Weapons Specialist ability, the player can reload his weapons both more
efficiently and quicker.

Proximity Alarm Module
With the Proximity Alarm module attached, the Nanosuit gives audio feedback
whenever an enemy approaches. This allows the player to sneak up on or evade their attacker, depending on their preferred tactics.

Enhanced Visor Module
With the Enhanced Visor module attached, the Nanosuit prominently highlights all
enemies whenever they are detected through digital scopes.

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Pugs Atomz - Faded



Hump Day Comedy

| Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lupin the 3rd Dropping in October

As some you know, I am a huge geek and scifi/anime nerd. Lupin the 3rd has always touched a soft spot in my heart, this post is for the rest of the anime fans. The piece is every collector dream and the price tag is so seductive at 25 bucks. I know all of my crate diggers are familiar with Lupin, the jazzy soundtracks are rare to find.

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5ive & 13irteen - Little Giants


<a href="">Nobodies by 5ive &amp; 13irteen</a>

Aleon Craft - The Stargazing Soundtrack


01. Stargazing
02. Wonderland (ft. Hollyweerd)
03. Yoga Flame
04. Early Moan
05. A Different World (ft. Nappy Roots)
06. Strange
07. Sunday [prod. Roundtable Kings]
08. Break Room
09. Donkey Kong
10. Back to the D.E.C (ft. Jarren Benton, Tom P, Playboy Tre & Grip Plyaz)
11. Project Blue Beam [prod. Doe & Roundtable Kings]
12. Moon Walk Her (ft. C# Sharp)
13. Brand New Day (ft. Young Scolla & Mikkey Halsted)
14. Time Machine
15. Outta Here (ft. Bobby Creekwater)
16. Wayne [prod. Sol Messiah]
17. Life Through a Mic
18. Carried Away [prod. Sol Messiah]
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Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw | The BBQ Joint Featuring Kendal Good


Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw | The BBQ Joint Featuring Kendal Good from Noisemaker Media on Vimeo.

Curren$y - Twistin Stank (Hard in the Paint)


Curren$y - Twistin Stank (Hard in the Paint) from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Playing the Game Part 6: The Encounter

| Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am very happy to bring to you the sixth installment of Playing the Game; The Encounter by very talented writer Bambi Allen. You can click HERE to download the pdf file for part 6. Don't forget to familiarize yourself with the first five installments with the links below.


A Great Way to Start the Weekend (DJ Clue Edition)

| Thursday, August 12, 2010

50 cent Goes Mel Gibson on Shyne

50 is a funny dude. Even if you don't like his music, you can laugh at him

In Da Crates

| Wednesday, August 11, 2010
This is another personal post, to invite the vinyl heads into my record collection. Heres a few pics of my favorite picture discs and colored pieces of wax.

Nicolay (of Foreign Exchange) feat. Darien Brockington, Black Spade - 'I Am The Man/ I Love The Way You Love

Cam'ron - Purple Haze

Blockhead - Insomniac Music

Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet

Pastor Troy - Murda Man/Just to Fight

Mobb Deep - Amerikka's Nightmare with marble vinyl

Dethklok - Dethalbum

Big Moe - Purple Stuff

Moe Green - Rocky Maivia: Non Title Match

Props to the him Digs at Wux Flux, its really enough good music out here to say fuck the radio.

<a href="">He's Moe Green (Intro) by Moe Green</a>

Rasheed Chapell - The Chappell Show​.​.​.​The Lost Episodes v2

Big ups to BroSouL for tweeting about this cat, the project is dope don't cheat yourself.

<a href="">Money Is King by Rasheed Chappell</a>

Monday Night Combat (Xbox Live Demo)

Straight to the point the demo of Monday Night Combat will leave you hooked. Its a great arcade title for $15 and if you don't believe me peep the trailer and download the xbox live demo.

Hump Day Comedy - Bruce Bruce

| Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mannie Fresh & Mystikal


Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Footage

Ok to be honest I wasnt interested in this game but after seeing this footage, my mind has change a great deal.

Stevo - Trip to the Stars

| Monday, August 9, 2010

Got 'Til It's Gone: The Legacy of J Dilla

This is a wonderful write up on Dilla posted by Pitchfork

Photo by Roger Erickson

One of the most omnipresent producers of 2009 was a man who had passed away in 2006. Starting in January, when Massachusetts underground favorite Termanology released his free mixtape If Heaven Was a Mile Away (A Tribute to J Dilla), 2009 was riddled with reissues, compilations, and homages to the work of James Yancey, aka J Dilla. Three of the most lauded East Coast hip-hop albums of the year-- DOOM's Born Like This, Mos Def's The Ecstatic, and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Vol. 2-- drew from Dilla's catalog. Three volumes of the Dillanthology series-- an attempt to open entry points into the man's vast, still-growing production portfolio-- were released. And Jay Stay Paid, a collection of scraps and outtakes wrangled into a star-studded mixtape, alluded to a deep well of archived work.

And while plenty of rap and R&B artists have absorbed his influence-- from fellow Detroit resident Black Milk's excellent Tronic to Kanye West's production on Common's Finding Forever-- his influence isn't limited to hip-hop and neo-soul. Flying Lotus picked up on elements of Dilla's style for his 2006 debut album 1983-- underwater basslines, stripped-down snare-tap percussion, bristling synths, textural hiss-- and has been boldly mutating them into a new strain of b-boy IDM ever since, culminating with this year's expansive Cosmogramma. He's at the vanguard, but he's not alone; artists on L.A. labels like Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup, and Proximal Records have hit creative paydirt by siphoning Dilla's ear for rhythmic suppleness through electro, dubstep, and ambient funk. The future of underground hip-hop is starting to sound a lot like the heavier, more blown-out moments of Jay Dee's once-alienating circa-2002 psychedelic experimentation, manifested through analog-pulse interpreters like Alex B and E.SupeR. And for all the jokes about 1980s nostalgia and bro-ishness that've been pinned on chillwave, some of its best practitioners-- Javelin, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi-- bear the distinct imprint of Dilla's latter-era productions, drawing off the truncated loop-warping of Donuts to craft their own emotionally evocative interpretations of lo-fi, sample-based indie pop.

This inevitably brings us to a skeptical question: Why Dilla? Yancey's death during a peak period of creativity has led to a lot of attempts to extend a relatively slept-on legacy-- an ironic development for an artist whose most high-profile remixing job was of Janet Jackson's "Got 'Til It's Gone". His story has a lot of indie-lifestyle appeal, too: a fast rise defined more by sonic innovation than personality-cult gimmickry, a rule-breaking stylistic shift that mainstream fans and major labels rejected, and an artistic rebirth with a popular underground label. Compared to Timbaland and the Neptunes, his peers in forward-thinking hip-hop, he was less prominent and less trendy. This semi-outsider prestige was heightened by his tendency to shun the celebrity spotlight. And even with his revered status, there's still plenty of opportunities to oppose conventional wisdom in Dilla's defense, allowing contrarian claims that the last two A Tribe Called Quest albums were underrated or that Common's Electric Circus was ahead of its time.

But those are relatively superficial reasons, at least compared to Dilla's true appeal. His immaculate sense of rhythmic interplay and carefully built atmospherics were what put him in the upper echelon of producers in the late 1990s, and his creative restlessness and experimentation were what kept him there through the 00s. He was never content to wring every last drop out of one of his stylistic phases, opting instead to move on once he felt he'd hit a particular zenith. This left him with a body of work that was a succession of distinct yet naturally progressing phases, exploring and evolving where other great producers were merely content to inch forward or simply maintain. And that's how he managed to be such a distinct influence on so many artists, whether they were traditional hip-hop heads, farsighted futurists, or home-studio 4-track operators.

For the full article and audio, Click HERE
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Kane and Lynch 2 Dropping Aug 17th

While everyone is so excited about Madden 11, me and Costa are patiently waiting for the release of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days next Tuesday. Click here to add the Kane and Lynch 2 Demo to your xbox 360 queue

Monkey Joes with the Bum Bum

This is a more personal post over the weekend, me and Infinity went to Monkey Joes to celebrate our god daugters birthday. She is turning two and I can't wait for 3 to get her a drum set to keep to her mama house.

Pugs Atomz live in Romania with his group The Electric‏


For the Vinyl Heads

I had to post some pictures of some interesting pieces of work droping real soon for every vinyl collector

Mayer Hawthorne - I Need You 12"

Kanye West - Power 12"