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Playing The Game Part 5: The Rematch by Bambi Allen

| Monday, January 11, 2010

“Hey, just got off the exit, I should be at your house in the next 5 minutes.” “Should I come to the back door or the front?” I ask Henry. “Sis, come to the front, everybody is in the den and kitchen area, I don’t want Cat to see you walk in, he still believes you are not coming.”
After his birthday celebration, Marcus and I had not seen each other in 5 months. Although we both decided to divorce our spouses, we made the decision to allow each other time to heal and not force a relationship beyond our friendship. Of course we talked and texted on the phone often to keep up with each other’s worlds but we committed to heal from each other for at least one year.
But it was New Year’s Eve and Henry was having a special intimate party in celebration of his engagement to his girlfriend, Nia. Something that none of us believed would or could ever happen! So I am surprisingly breaking our one year agreement to attend this blessed event and will see my friend, the notorious Cat Man Jones. I giggle to myself.
“You know he bought his new gold digging barracuda!” “Yes, he told me he was going to bring his friend. Good for him!” I responded sarcastically. “Nia has been given her the eye all night! You know you girls from Blackfield can sniff out a fake in a minute!”
Henry’s fiancée, Nia is a hometown girl who is living large in Atlanta as an corporate environmental scientist. A petite 5ft caramel brown sister who’s ten years our junior. Though we grew up in the same home town, we never really knew Nia, because of her age; we viewed her as this cute sweet little kid.
When she moved to ATL, Henry promised her parents that he would check up on her from time to time. A true man of his word, Henry would take her and her friends out to eat, a few concerts, and even blessing his lil “home girl” with a few extra dollars while she attended Spelman. It wasn’t until she joined Henry’s non-profit organization’s summer project that he took a romantic interest in her. Nia had volunteered as one of the science instructors and unknowingly brewed up a formula that attracted, corrected, and captured this once womanizing mammal.
“So how big is the ring playa?” I asked. “8 carats baby sis, 8 flawless carats!” “Well alright now, she is wearing a house!” “No sis, a whole plantation!” he heartily laughs. “Ok I’m at the gate, buzz me in.”
I arrived; Henry was waiting at the door for me. “My baby sis!” Henry said with excitement picking me up off the ground. “You look GREAT, lost a little weight, I like!” “Yes, indeed!” I thought to myself. I made it a point to look extra fabulous on tonight! Hair done, nails done, and makeup FIERCE!

I had lost 10 pounds and was wearing a dangerously form fitting size 8 red dress topped off with the silver sequin Christian Louboutin shoes Marcus had sent me for Christmas. Yes, I wore them specifically for him to recognize, that’s if he would be able to take his eyes off of me long enough to see the shoes! I smiled. “Thank you now put me down, silly!” Nia tips in the foyer with her arms open wide and whispers, “Hello! I am so glad you made it! Henry said you wanted your presence to be a surprise to Cat. So let’s hurry before he discovers we’ve left the room, comes looking for us and spoils your entrance!” We hug and she takes my shawl wrap.
As I enter the family room, there is Marcus standing handsomely next to the fireplace laughing with one of the guest.
He looks so refined in his black suit and black opened collar shirt. Our eyes meet, he smiles and his greens eyes sparkles with joy. “SNOOPY!!” he calls out. We meet in a warm embrace and he gives me his trademark forehead kiss. He looks down at my shoes, “When I saw those ugly shoes in NY, I knew you out of all people would find an ugly dress to compliment them and you succeeded!” We laugh.
“So you jerks kept this from me,” Marcus said to Henry and Nia. “Good one, so this is how you treat your best man by keeping secrets?” He holds me tightly around my waist. “You are so full of yourself Cat! I am only here for Henry and Nia!” and kisses him on the cheek. Marcus gives me a sly look, touches me in the small of my back and whispers in my ear, “You know you taste just as good as you look!,” and walks away leaving me with goose bumps.
“Catch your mind!” I tell myself but begin looking for the nearest chair so I can sit down before my legs became weaker.
Cat brings over his new catch of the day , a 20 year old, 5’11 Latin bombshell. Marcus introduces us, “Theresa this is Deb and Deb,Theresa. “Hello, I have heard so much about you it’s so nice to finally meet you” she says with a smile. I put on the best fake smile I could muster, “Hello nice to meet you as well.” I hug her. “Theresa is a model and actress in Charlotte,” Marcus proudly says but all I hear in my head is she is, “she’s a stripper and a trick!” Lord, please forgive me. I need a prayer cause I don’t even know this child and I am thinking this way. “Oh wonderful,” I reply. Theresa’s phone vibrates, “Please excuse me, I need to take this, it’s my mom.” I look at Marcus with brows raised, “Guess mommy’s calling to let her know it’s past her bedtime!” “Do I hear a hint of jealousy? Deb, you know me, I ALWAYS keep a piece of eye candy on my arms.” “Me, jealous? No, not all! But your old behind need to sit down somewhere and leave these young gold digging chicks alone! I thought you would have learned your lesson but I guess it’s true, you can’t teach an old dog new trick!” Marcus replies with a smirk, “Bow Wow Yo Yippe Yay Yippe Yay! Nothing but the dog in me!”
Just before I could make a comment, Henry walks up, “Y’all come and meet my future brother in law.”

We follow Henry into his formal dining room where the food and beverages are. There stands a well built very handsome guy with Nia preparing his plate. “Paul, I would like you to meet my family, my lil sis, Deb and brother, Marcus aka Cat Man Jones!” Nia takes his plate and he walks toward us flashing this gorgeous smile. All I’m thinking is how much this guy looks identical to Dwayne “Rock” Johnson! Same smile as well! My goodness! That wonderful smile! You know the kind of smile that makes a woman lay down her salvation card and calls to one of the mothers in the church the morning after; just to make sure the rapture hadn’t taken place! MERCY! Henry quickly instructs me under his breath, “He’s single, baby sis, go for it!” Marcus in return gives me a just as quick cold stare!
Paul greets Marcus with the universal dap and chest bump. Then greets me with a soft kiss on the cheek and says “You are more beautiful than I remembered!” “I guess you would be since you were only 14 when I left town to join the Marines.” “I bet you don’t remember me, do you?” Paul asked. “No sorry, I don’t.” I embarrassedly answer. “Oh you don’t have to apologize. I use to bring my grandmother to your house to get her hair done.” I never would get out of the car; I remembered you would always be outside playing with your dog.” Desperately, trying to give a good reason why I never noticed him when I was young, I replied, “Yes, when I was playing with Sheba I was in my own world,” “No harm done, you always waved at me.,” he jokingly assured me. “Nice seeing you guys again.” Just before he walks back to the buffet, he leans forward and whispers to me, “You know they have paired us up for the midnight kiss. So I will be back for get you.” and he gives me a wink. Flirtingly I smile, “Don’t have me come looking for you.” “I promise you, you won’t beautiful.” He winks again and he and Henry walk back over to Nia.
I am on cloud 99 right now! Thinking to myself, “WHO RAH, Semper Fi, Semper Fi!,”
“Come with me,” Marcus snaps. We walk into one of the guest rooms. Marcus closes the door. “How dare you flirt with Paul right in front of my face?” “Cat, did I miss the memo that said I had to be by myself tonight? Seems to me you are not alone, what about your arm candy?” “Come on Snoopy, you know she means nothing to me but brother man was looking at you like he was planning to wife you up.” “And if that is the case, so what! I snapped back. “When are you going to get in your head that I am not one of your trophies and that you don’t own anything here!,” Marcus steps up to me and begins scanning my body with his eyes, “That’s mighty funny… cause the last time I was in it, my name was written all over it!”

Grabbing my hips he pulls me close to him. I try to pull away but Cat’s stare and his familiar smell weakens my struggle. “Feel that.” he whispers referring to his bulge while staring into my eyes. He pulls me closer. “A custom fit and I am not letting it be replaced again.”

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Nice follow up.

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LOL I HBO special, it Zane can get one Bambi can get one too. Zane's joint is pure soft porn.

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Please dont let Tyler Perry produce the movie. LOL Great story though

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You have one of the dopest blogs on the net.

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This is a dope story. It's 50/50 that Tyler Perry may pull it off. Some of his movies are good. Forest Whitaker or even John Singleton are good with drama. Let them touch the screenplay. 1081 is the dopest blog on the net!Props

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