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Alien Vs Predator Game Details and Footage

| Friday, January 22, 2010

Developer: Rebellion
Engine: Asura
Engine Features: Dynamic Lighting, Shader Model 3.0, Soft Particle system, Physics
Publisher: SEGA

Aliens vs Predator will feature single player and multiplayer. Single player will allow the player to play each side, Marine, Predator and Alien, the story takes place on Colony World BG 386, the colony site is named “Freya’s Prospect” and locations include, a dense jungle environment, colony interior, mines, and a Predator containment pyramid.

No class system for multiplayer, players will be able to customize their characters however.

"There will be an entertaining variety of character "skins" for people to choose from, however - including a some never-seen-before Predator Mask types. As for 'Dog' Aliens, you'll have to wait and see ... "


•Team Deathmatch
•Species Team Deathmatch
•Survivor (Up to 4 Marine players with AI Aliens)
•Predator Hunt


K' said...

I can't wait for this to drop. I reserved mine already.

Costa said...

Ditto along with K' im ready to rip a jawbone off