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A Great way to start...

| Thursday, April 30, 2009
The weekend and my vacation. Holla at me

Wine-O- Pop My Trunk

Mos Def - Umi Says

Mobb Deep - Hoodlum

Scarface - High Note [Uncut - Rated R Version]

RZA - Domestic Violence

You Might be a Crackhead...

if you act like this. LOL

Oddisee presents "Mental Liberation" DROPPING MAY 5th



EP @ iTunes now! featuring

1. Hip Hop's Cool Again
2. Let the Music (f/ LMNO)
3. The Jungle (f/ Hassaan Mackey & Bilal Salaam)
4. Get Up (f/Declaime, Prince Po, yU w/DJ Clear)
5. Q & A (f/Kenn Starr)
6. Rhymes Get Written (f/Silent Knight & XO)
7. What's Crazy (f/J-Live & Stik Figa)
8. Cold for That (f/Trek Life)
9. Endure Remix (f/Gerogia Anne Muldrow, Rapper Big Pooh & MED)
10.Don't Sleep Remix (f/Invincible & Finale)
11.Drugs Outside Remix (Black Milk & Rapper Big Pooh)
12.When Everything Changed

Tanya Morgan Feat Blu - Morganblu


Del The Funky Homosapien - Funk Man ( the stimulus package)



Pon de Replay: DP Freestyle

This is a repost of a past post, there are more DP freestyles coming in May. This is DP (Daily Planet) Freestyle over an EOP beat at my man Reef's crib. Check it out. Below is the Jean Grae track Feat DP "2-32's" from the classic Jean Grae 9th wonder project Jeanius.

BLOKHEDZ Act 1 Trailer

The Trailer for the Blokhedz webisode series introduces us to Young Blak (voice by Talib Kweli), a talented young rapper from Empire City who is infatuated with making it to the top

BLOKHEDZ Act 1 Trailer from Blokhedz on Vimeo.

Hi-Tek Making a Beat

| Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Hello all!!!
We have some great movies this weekend!

We did some figures and wanted to share them with everyone. Our ticket prices are $5 per adult and $2 per child ages 6-11 and FREE for children under 6. So for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) to come to our drive in it will only cost you $14 admission for 2 great movies. At an average indoor theatre ticket prices are $7 per adult and $4 per child. So for a family of 4 it would cost $22 to see just 1 movie. And that also means it would cost $44 to see the same 2 movies that you would see with us. How does that sound?NOW SHOWING Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 3!
"X-Men Origins: Wolverine " (PG-13)(Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber and Ryan Reynolds):
Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe.
"Dragonball Evolution " (PG)(James Marsters, Emmy Rossum and Chow Yun-Fat):
Goku and a handful of friends battle for the Earth against the deadly forces of the Saiyans, who are sweeping across the universe, leaving a path of destruction. Goku and his friends' best chance for survival rests with the Namekian DragonBalls , which provide them the power to summon a mighty dragon.
Double Feature all weekend!
Gates open at 7:00 and the first show starts at 8:30.
We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Drake feat. Tanya Morgan - "Right To Left"


Tanya Morgan's Sophomore Album Coming Soon. Move To Brooklynati on May 12th!

The Song:

This new track featuring Tanya Morgan is an unearthed gem from Drake's Comeback Season Mixtape recording sessions. A Toronto native who first got big from his eight seasons on the hit Canadian television show Degrassi, Drake has been labeled the next big thing by everyone from Lil Wayne to Vibe. Being mutual admirers of one another, Drake joined forces with Tanya Morgan for this track. The beat gains strength from its aggressive drums, punchy synth chords and contrasting piano melody, and provides an ideal backdrop for this old-school crew banger. The track opens with a verse by Donwill, moves on to a verse by Von Pea, then a third verse by Ilyas and finally wraps up with a verse by Drake, each emcee spitting about why he is one of the best in the game. With the weather changing and convincing us that summer may still be in line to arrive on time, this is a jam that fits perfectly with the sunshine and should keep you moving straight on through till next fall.

For more information on Brooklynati local events and citywide attractions, please visit


Tanya Morgan's Sophomore Album Coming Soon. Move To Brooklynati on May 12th!

Willie Rack Em' *****Parental Advisory*****

Thanks to my folks JP for putting me on to Willie Rack Em'

KEY QUOTE - "Who you calling a ni**a?"


| Sunday, April 26, 2009
Ok T-pain, Lil Wayne, and whoever else on autotune look out, Red is coming. This post is for Infinity, JP and Streetz.

Suite For Ma Dukes (VIDEO) ****MUST SEE****


I saw this video and Im just speechless, like beyond belief, people who know me KNOW I ALWAYS have something to say

Suite For Ma Dukes - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and a 40 piece orchestra Live @ The Luckman

There was magic brewing on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles ton February 22nd the kind that puts a love spell on everyone who walks into its path. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and his 40-piece orchestra managed to set the entire Luckman Fine Arts Plaza afloat on Sunday night with Timeless: Suite for Ma Dukes, their gorgeous re-imagining of J Dillas best known works. Surprise guests filtered in throughout the night, including Common, Talib Kweli andPosdnuous from De la Soul. Dillas inspiring mother was a beacon throughout the performance, small in stature but mighty in spirit.

If you listen closely to the music, the possibilities are endless
Ma Dukes (February 22nd, 2009.)

The energy onstage was infectious, and the audience was just as emotionally invested in the performance as the musicians. One could feel the grand swoops and shimmering intricacies of the music just by the motion of Atwood-Fergusons hands. When Dwele came out to do Angel, he had to stand back in awe for several moments to take in the beauty of what he was about to sing over.

In true Dilla fashion, one classic begets another, and we got to see that progression take place right before our eyes.Diana Moreira led us through the bossa nova lilt of Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfas Saudade Vem Correndo,containing the famous hook Dilla sampled into the Pharcydes Runnin. Minutes later, the orchestra changed tempo and transformed the bossa nova mood into Dillas inspired jam with vocal contributions by Amp Fiddler, Bilal andShafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra. Bilal then sang Reminesce and brought the crowd to the verge of rapture.

The night rounded out when Posdnuous surprised everyone and did his verse of De la Souls Stakes is High, and then brought on Talib Kweli to do Doves verse. The chorus which included OhNo, Alchemist, Illa J, Frank Nitty, Rhettmatic, Ma Dukes, J Davey, Houseshoes sang out the refrainLove, Vibration - eventually turning the mic over to the audience to sing along. An encore of Slum Villages Fall in Love left everyone with the sweet high that only falling in love can bring about.

People will be talking about this majestic performance for years and blessed are the ones who were able to see it bloom firsthand.

1500 or me what you got ****MUST SEE****

Big up to my man B putting me on to this video a while back. The first 2 mins tells it all but watch it for yourself.

Madlib vs Cut Chemist


Material taken from DJ DUSK 'DJ Dusk's Root Down Soundclash' DVD


Cut Chemist


In 2001, the Los Angeles club the Root Down put on their first of a three part series called “Sound Clash.” It featured Madlib and Cut Chemist going head to head; beat for beat for respect in front of a packed club. Each of the tracks had never been released and with each of the three rounds, the excitement rose. The last round unleashed a partisan celebration from the captivated crowd and it was a beautiful underground Hip Hop moment. Mochilla founders, Coleman and B+, went to the first round with their Sony PC100 single chip cameras with intentions of trying out their new toys; however, “It wasn’t until afterwards that we put both cameras on the floor, rewound the tapes and played them in sync that we realized we might have something.” Root Down, approximately a year later, organized the second battle. Round Two featured a pre-multi-platinum Will.I.Am and Thes One and again, both Mochilla founders duly attended with the aforementioned cameras and caught the entire night’s proceedings. The drama and controversy of Round Two with huge aesthetic differences on display as well as the theatrics of clothes being taken off and ludicrous names made the night a talking point in Los Angeles to this day in beat maker circles. The last battle featured Oh No and Exile in 2003 and with a relatively dignified display by the youngest pairing of the three, they closed the series with good music and much respect. Mochilla never intended to release this DVD but since the tragic passing of DJ Dusk, they felt it was important to honor his legacy and share his gifts. This is for him: no edits, no overdubs, and no interruptions - just raw Hip Hop at its most exciting, vital and real.

The Roots - what they do

This is for someone special, just remember DONT DO IT.

Best I Ever Had - Priscilla Renea

| Saturday, April 25, 2009
This is a nice version of a soon to be classic song.

The Hangover Coming June 5th

I think we all have friend that are capable of things like this, no need to call names. FYI the scene with Mike Tyson singing, words cant explain it.

A blowout Las Vegas bachelor party turns into a race against time when three hung-over groomsmen awaken after a night of drunken debauchery to find that the groom has gone missing, and attempt to get him to the alter before his wedding day. In 48 hours, Doug is scheduled to walk down the aisle, effectively ending his reign as a rowdy bachelor. Realizing that this is their last blow out with their best friend, Doug's groomsmen organize a Sin City bachelor bash he'll never forget. The next morning, the groomsmen come to in their Caesar's Palace suite to find a tiger in the bathroom and a six-month-old baby tucked away in the closet. Unfortunately, Doug is nowhere to be found. With no memory of the previous night's transgressions and precious little time to spare, the trio sets out on a hazy attempt to retrace their steps from the previous night, and discover exactly where things went wrong. Will they find Doug in time to get him to the wedding back in Los Angeles, or will his bride experience the sharp sting of disappointment when she walks down the aisle to discover that her future husband is nowhere to be found? Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Heather Graham star in a rambunctious comedy from Old School director Todd Phillips. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Happy Birthday Jayla

| Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jayla and everyone else sharing a birthday on April. May you recieve everything you want on your day

1081 staff

PSA (Pre Cinco de Mayo) by Acosta

Hello everyone for those who do not know about me, I am Acosta the assistant to the 1081 staff. I feel the need to address somethings before EOP's birthday. I think when I speak of this I speak for everyone on the staff from Infinity to MU to Monsta to whoever, but honestly its just my two cents. Leading up to this wonderful holiday, there are no haters, slackers, or bi**c*es allowed. If your not built for the grind, get out of line bottom line. If this is not addressed to you disregard this posting and if the shoe fits wear it. By all means when I say if you all don't like it do something about it, hit me up via email and we can get addresses and locations popped off and your problem WILL be solve.

Peace and blessings
Acosta Tejada

PS.Yes my goverment name, come find me if your that passionate about your feelings. This song is for you.

A Great way to...

| Thursday, April 23, 2009
start the weekend.


Common - Resurrection

Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) - "Megagraphitti"


Evidence & Alchemist - So Fresh (Step Brothers)

El Michels Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber


Led by saxophonist/organist Leon Michels and producer/engineer Jeff Silverman, El Michels Affair began as a loose collaboration of session musicians, including members of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, the Budos Band, and Antibalas. Michels and Silverman’s burgeoning label Truth & Soul released two smash 7” singles featuring reinterpretations of "C.R.E.A.M." and "Bring Da Ruckus." The singles sold an extraordinary 7,000 units worldwide, and their success led to a contract with Fat Beats Records for Enter The 37th Chamber, an album of Wu-Tang Clan interpolations.

Wu Tang & El Michels Affair -"Bring Da Ruckus"- Truth & Soul

Track Listing:

1. Duel of the Iron Mics
2. C.R.E.A.M.
3. Mystery of Chessboxin'
4. Can It All Be So Simple
5. Uzi (Pinky Ring)
6. Interlude
7. Glaciers of Ice
8. Cherchez le Ghost
9. Criminology
10. Heaven & Hell
11. Bring Da Ruckus
12. Protect Ya Neck
13. Incarcerated Scarfaces
14. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
15. Outro

"Glaciers Of Ice"
"Bring Da Ruckus"



I stumbled upon,your pathalogical,habitual,narcasitic lies.
Dam did you rehearse them mutha-fuckas ah million times.
I awakened one morning to discover,the Darkness in your
eyes.But when i asked what was wrong.Your "black Ass"
continued to Lie.

Even though my love for you had Demenished.We still shared
(title)U know,"Relationship".So this shit was far from finished.
In the mist of your Deception.Going back to all your recent
"Here we go again" I love you baby.Im sorry for all my trans-

As i read your supposely pure words.Repeated so often without
heart.After time,became "Toxic"and drove us many miles apart.
My heart has grown numb to every word you say.As i watch you
try to play me with a smile Strapped on your Fuckin face.

I tried to be a respectable woman.And introduce to my friend.But
little did i know,you were ready to commit the ultimate in humane
sin.Now shit has really gotten outta whack.As i layed beside you.I
can feel you emotionally stabbin me in the Back.

Let me Cut to the chase.She was Fuckin my friend.Now its been
4months,since that "Betrayal"u know, that Ultimate sin begin.
You see there was 7yrs between her and i.Imma retired "old
school"player.Thats how i caught her in the twist and turns of
all her lies.
Theres an "Old School"saying. The game neva Changes only
the Players do.So dont try to play me.Cause u will be the one
that ends UP getting Schooled
Theres is no need to say anymore.Cuz the lease is up in may,
And I will be walkin out of Betrayals doors...........

Akai MPC Documentary

Whats good everybody, I peeped this video on Damu's blog a while back and I wanted to post it, because I have recieved a few emails inquirying about what equipment I use to make beats. My weapon of choice is the akai mpc 2000xl, but I also use a Yamaha su 200 at times. Peace

Records Documentary Gives More Reasons To Chase Vinyl


Records (full-length)! from Sharon Shattuck on Vimeo.


Keelay & Zaire - "We Made It" feat. Mario Dones

| Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Song:

Keelay & Zaire, production masterminds, have brought us another '90s throwback banger off of their current album, Ridin High. "We Made It," featuring flow from Mario Dones, is a celebratory song about hard work paying off and dreams coming to fruition. Kee & Zee blend smooth jazz keyboards, record scratches, fanfare filled synths, and drums to make you feel as if you're crossing the finish line after a marathon, complete with the crowd cheering in your favor. Whether you're a musician trying to break it into the industry or a recent grad landing your first job, crank up "We Made It" for a dose of encouragement and let Mario Dones' words, "Sky's the limit, see my vision breaking," help you endeavor forward.


The Background:

Keelay & Zaire are a bi-coastal team that operates with only one concrete rule; creating music with unlimited range. Complementing each other's styles with precision, Kee & Zee work as a sole production machine that spawns gritty classic hip-hop, soulful R&B, and any other medium that requires an exclusive sound from the team. With Keelay out west in San Francisco, and Zaire in the east, holding it down in Virginia, the two have almost unlimited resources from which to draw talent and inspiration. In their debut LP Ridin High, the pair's versatility takes center stage, backed up by a talented cast of emcees and singers including Phonte of Little Brother, Supastition, Blu, Cali Agents, Darien Brockington, Tash of Tha Liks, Saafir, Fortilive, The Park, Emilio Rojas, Surreal ,Slo-Mo, Mario Dones, The A.V.E., J.Fish, Jony Fraze, Whooligan, and Tiffany Paige. Keelay & Zaire's Ridin High is available everywhere nowvia MYX Music Label.

Horn Dogg - Sexual Harassment (Mike Epps)

This video is hilarious. The Funny Bidness dvd is bananas.

Pon de Replay - Playing the Game

| Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Get caught up to speed with the parts one through three of " Playing the Game." Part four is coming soon, the links are below.


Drake Freestyle on Funkflex

Big up to Costa for emailing this to me to post.

The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington - Take Off The Blues


The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington - "Take Off The Blues" from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.


| Monday, April 20, 2009

An overnight shipment of drugs winds up being sent to the wrong recipient, prompting a frantic race to recover the package before the contents are discovered in this fast-paced crime comedy starring Donald Faison, Mos Def, and Mike Epps. When Brody (Epps) and Guch (Wood Harris) received package containing 10 kilos of grade-A cocaine, they assumed their financial woes were a thing of the past. The package was intended for their next-door neighbors, but the whacked-out courier (Donald Faison) delivered it to the wrong address. Recognizing the possibility for profit, Brody and Guch plan to sell the cocaine to Brody's drug-dealing cousin (Omari Hardwick). Meanwhile Jesus (Cisco Reyes) and his girlfriend Chita (Yasmin Deliz), the intended recipients of the cocaine, set out to procure the package before notorious drug lord Bodego Diablo (Emilio Rivera) realizes it's gone missing. But Bodega is no slouch; he already knows the shipment was botched, and he's determined to get his drugs back no matter what the cost. Later, as Brody and Guch prepare to seal the deal that will set them up for life, the guns are drawn and the chaos begins. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Synopsis taken from

9th wonder makes beat for Nas



Slipknot's New VIDEO - Sulfer

| Saturday, April 18, 2009
I dont care what anyone says but this is one of my favorite groups.

New Dilla Dropping June 2nd

| Friday, April 17, 2009

Executive produced by Dilla’s mother, Ms. Yancey AKA “Madukes” on Nature Sounds June 2nd 2009!!

By now most everyone is familiar with the story of musical legend J Dilla. The quiet, prolific producer collaborated with everyone from Eryka Badu to Common to Janet Jackson to Prince. Dilla was just beginning to capitalize on his cult status when he sadly passed at age 32 due to Lupus-related complications. Jay Stay Paid is a 25 track collection of unreleased Dilla beats mixed and arranged by Pete Rock. While mostly instrumental, "J$P" also offers a few guests vocals from artists that Dilla worked with or admired including Black Thought of The Roots, MF DOOM, (Havoc of Mobb Deep), (Pharoahe Monch) , (Blu), (Pacific Division) M.O.P. , and more.

Curtailing any notion of jumping on some sort of Dilla bangwagon, Jay Stay Paid was executive produced by Dilla's mother Maureen Yancey (aka Ma Dukes) along with the musical supervision of Dilla's only real musical idol, Pete Rock. "It wasn't rushed and it wasn't haphazard," explains Ms Yancey. "This album combines what he did in the beginning of his career, what he did in some of our early hospital stays, which was very deep, and some stuff pulled from old floppy disks & DATs. Its mind blowing...this is like the missing links to Dilla's legacy."

The format of the album plays like a radio show with Pete Rock as the program director. With regards to Pete's involvement, Ms. Yancey gets very excited, "Dilla wanted to pattern himself behind Pete. His dream was to become as close as possible to what Pete stood for. Pete meant everything to him. Dilla would have just been flabbergasted! " Pete's sentiments were the same toward Dilla, "Dude was amazing. He just kinda came outta nowhere and the more you heard his beats the better they got. He may not be here with us, but it's all good we're going to keep his music alive and well."

In the late 80s, Dilla founded the seminal rap group Slum Village and put Detroit hip-hop on the map, while the 90's saw him playing a major role in the production team The Ummah with Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad doing extensive work on Tribe Called Quest's last two albums.

Originally Posted on

Record Store Day April 18 2009

Hit up your local music stores and grab some wax, hell give me the money and I'll buy some for myself.

A Great way to start...

the weekend. Be blessed

Cam'Ron - I Hate My Job

Sauce Money - Actions/38 special

Pete Rock feat Inspectah Deck and Kurupt - Tru Master

Kurupt Ft. Dre - Ask Yourself a Question

Jay-Z - I Can't Get Wit That

Yo Gotti-Sold Out

Twista - The Calm Before the Storm

I am a Twista fan before and after Kanye, no disrespect intended, new album in stores June 16th

1. Twista Checks In
2. Twista-Wetter (Get In Wet pt. 2)
3. Twista ft Liffy Stokes-Get Yo Money Right
4. Skooda Chose ft Twista & The Cool Kids-Loungin'
5. Twista-Goon To A Goblin
6. Twista-2 Times
7. Twista ft Shawnna-Shorty Got Work
8. Mello Tha Guddamann-2 Night
9. Liffy Stokes-Dopeman
10. Twista-Marco Polo Freestyle
11. Skooda Chose-Fly Shit
12. Twista ft David Banner & Sean Paul-Diamonds In My Watch Piece
13. Twista Speaks
14. B Hype ft Twista & Liffy Stokes-Warning
15. Twista-Whip It Freestyle
16. Twista ft Freeway-Hustle Hard
17. Twista ft Liffy Stokes & Mello Tha Guddamann-On The Block
18. Twista-Still Do It
19. Twista ft Prince-I Can Make You Say (Prod. by Kanye West)
20. Twista-Game On Lock 21. Twista Signs Off Till June 16th
22. Twista-Streets On Lock


DJ Toomp and 9th Wonder: Label Politricks


Pharoahe ManC - The Baroque Period

| Wednesday, April 15, 2009
New project from my my mans Pharoahe check it out and support true hip hop, my man is putting in alot of work.



This is a incredible new project from Ayah.


1. Slow it Down
2. Might Not Be
3. Fallen
4. 4:15
5, He Don't Want It
6. Who Are We
7. In My Lifetime
8. Do it All Again
9. Believe

Ayah's Homepage

Ayah - BELIEVE (Official Video) from Ayah on Vimeo.

Max Minelli - Backpack Dreams Mixtape (Download)

Big up to WYDU for posting this, gotta love Max Payne

1. Backpack Intro
2. Brain Distortion
3. Full Metal Jacket
4. In My Street Dreamz
5. Fresh 2 Def (Remix)
6. Dead Rapperz
7. Pirahnna Bait
8. Miss My Dogs
9. Padded Room
10. It Aint No Secret
11. Like They Love B.I.G.
12. Show You How 2 Do This
13. T.O.M.S.
14. Take The Money
15. SLFEMP Sixteen
16. Robot Army
17. I Still Love Her
18. Dear Streets


Tanya Morgan Bio

For those who have been asking me about Tanya Morgan, get up to speed.

The Backgournd:

In 2003, Brooklyn resident Von Pea teamed up with Cincinnati's Donwill and Ilyas to form Tanya Morgan. Three years later, the group's Moonlighting LP took the rap world by storm, receiving a 3.5 mic rating from The Source and high praise in XXL's Chairman's Choice column. Donwill describes the group's uniqueness and appeal: "Instead of jam-packing our releases with different producers and guest emcees for attention, we carefully choose who we work with because we make it a priority to cultivate our own sound and identity. We look to groups like Eric B and Rakim, who honed their own sound and rarely collaborated with other artists." After a brief hiatus from center stage, the crew is back in 2008 seeking the hip-hop triple crown: the release of a mixtape, EP, and LP, all in the same year. Tonya Morgan has performed with Ghostface Killah and has had videos featured on multiple MTV channels. The Bridge EP is available now on via Bay Area label Interdependent Media

Offical site:


Label site:

Live Power Cypher w/ Tanya Morgan, 88-keys and AOK Collective

| Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Big up to Costa for putting me on to this lyrical goddess

Eternia - Evidence

Eternia - Struggle (f/ Wordsworth & Kenn Starr)

Redman Planet Radio Freestyle

Its the Funkdoc, there is nothing else to be said.

Devin The Dude’s Guide to Game

This is for you fouls lacking character and finesse, F'ing squares.


Oddisee's new group, check it out.


Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

Drake - Best I Ever Had Remix Featuring Busta Rhymes

Last day of recording...So Far Gone


Go Hard or Go Home Freestyles


Go Hard or Go Home: ft. Hedonis Da Amazon, Malik 16, go-d from Digiwaxx TV on Vimeo.

Go Hard Or Go Home: ft. Clap Cognac, Cashmere, Shabaam Sadeeq from Digiwaxx TV on Vimeo.



The leak features some of Independent Hip Hop's finest acts includingJedi Mind Tricks, Sean Price, Blaq Poet, Termanology, Hell Razah,Planet Asia, Nature, Slaine and more. Look out for the full-length album from Stu Bangas and Vanderslice"The Crime Hour" due 4th Quarter 09' featuring Kool G Rap, TwinGambino, Blaq Poet, Un Pacino, Roc Marciano, Big Noyd, Sean Price, andmore. Reef The Lost Cauze & Guns N' Butter's (Stu Bangas/J Scrilla) "FightMusic" coming Summer 09' "Duck & Cover"

01.) Intro
02.) Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Tec, & Lex Starwind - Charles Bronson
03.) Slaine - Freestyle0
4.) Heltah Skeltah - Ruck & Roll
05.) Chief Kamachi - Street Pharoahs
06.) Blaq Poet, Jaysaun, & Termanology - King of the Jungle
07.) Stu Bangas & Spit Supreme - Pay Dues (Interlude)
08.) Punchline, Fokis, & Sha Stimuli - The Crime Hour
09.) Lex Starwind & Murdock - Foul Weather
10.) King Magnetic Exclusive
11.) Hell Razah & Shabazz The Discple - Jail Saga
12.) Nature & Equinox - Last Day
13.) Sean Price, Murdock, & Lex Starwind - Iron Mic
14.) Vinnie Paz, Reef The Lost Cauze, & Doap Nixon - Wait is Over
15.) Planet Asia Exclusive
16.) Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah - Blue Steel
17.) Vanderslice interlude
18.) Reef the Lost Cauze Exclusive
19.) Murda Mook & Armageddon - Deadringer Alternate


FREE FalliN by Tweet

| Monday, April 13, 2009

When i heard your voice four years
ago.I didn't see,i didn't know just,
where this love would go,or how
this love would grow.
Your grace which you bestowed
onto me from your heart and soul.
Is the rythm to my heart and the melody too
loves song. But yet still remaining so many
miles apart.
Bitches -N- the past,try to remain stead fast.
Cant block the path of our Spirtual Wrath. No
One can get between you and me,but you and
me. Can't you see the writtin on Destinys Wall...Come
baby lets take this Free Fall...
Your traggies,were trimmed in Death of many
losses. Don't you know my Twin Soul? That my
love runs so deep. That i would bare both of our
Lovin you is like breathin to me. Its something that
just comes so FUCKIN naturally. I give to you, you
give to me,that profound respect that others don't obtain
so Easily.
We both had women come and go. They showed up
physically,But shit! Dem broads were still a no Show!
They claimed they understood the Rarity of our kind.
But the words that they spoke,kept them one-by-one,
staggering so many miles behind.
Now its time to quit bullshittin. With the reality that we
both share. Hell baby,I think you rest -N- knowing that
i will alway be there.
Maybe its time to go a little deeper,or just tad steeper.
Caus i love you And you love me. Don't get it twisted
people. Cause this ant no surface Shit. Its that real shit
thats meant to be.
To be the Soul of ah Twin and the Twin of another
soul. Its like one of the,Deepest.darkest, brightest,
Painful, Enlightin "Love Stories" that is yet to Be all
that is Told.....

Rich Boy - Pacc Man Mixtape (DOWNLOAD)

| Sunday, April 12, 2009


Rich Boy - Thank The Lord

Drake - So Far Gone Chopped and Screwed



Uptown Drake Ft Lil Wayne And Bun B CHOPPED AND SCREWED

Happy Easter to Everyone.

Here is some Easter joy

The Easter Bunny Hates You

The Easter Bunny hates you!!! (Prequel)

Im not one...

| Saturday, April 11, 2009
To brag, but I have too, I own Justin Wilson on wax, telling stories just like when he hosted his cooking show on PBS. Rachel Ray NO, G Garvin NO, Martha Stewart NO and of those other hoes NO NO NO. Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson - Squirrel Hunting

Justin Wilson - Dirty Rice

Playing The Game The Discovery Part 3

| Friday, April 10, 2009
Playing The Game
The Discovery Part 3


  Attempting to block Cat’s stare by pushing Henry into the opposite direction was a big mistake. "Oh you want to get fancy like dancing with the stars? I got you!" Henry said with excitement. Fun loving Henry has been my friend about as long as Marcus. We all met at Brooklyn’s  summer camp when we were 5 years old and he and Cat became my protectors and we have stuck together ever since.

Henry calls me lil sis even though we are the same age; he’s older than me by a few months so I know from the sound of his voice this dance is about to get very interesting!  This 400lb former NFL defensive lineman picks me up by my waist and puts me in the air as if I was light as a feather yelling, “Ta-Da, you didn't know I had skills, Warren Sapp eat your heart out!”  Everybody on the dance floor is laughing and if as on cue the firework display explodes in the summer air.

 "Boy put me down." I said embarrassingly. "I will if u pose for me", Henry cheerfully said if we were really on dancing with the stars.  I poised with the grace of an Alvin Ailey dancer and we look at each other and say "Ta-dah!"  Everyone on the dance floor is applauding and Cat's is laughing his head off from the sidelines and yells, "Warren Sapp ain’t got nothing on you, Big Sexy!"

The truly spectacular fireworks begin and the wait staff brings out champagne and sparkling grape juice as the dj announces that the birthday toast. Marcus and Shannon stand on stage, Marcus his arm is around her waist and begans his speech while the dj softly plays the instrumental version of Keyisha Cole's "Sent From Heaven" to set the mood.


Tears began to flow from Marcus’ eyes as he tries to speak, thus causing a change reaction among the 200 family and friends. All with the exception of Shannon, she strangely held her impressive Barbie doll smile and only wiped his tears when the press cameras  were shooting pictures of the “picture perfect” moment. Is it just my heightened feelings that have me suspicious about Shannon’s odd actions or am I sensing something here?

Through the tears, Marcus begins, "God has been tremendously great to me, his grace is so overwhelming that I got to, I have to, I must give him ALL the praise!”  "Though I am no where near perfect,  the Lord chose to spare this here backwoods country boy’s life to let me see my 40th birthday,” and before he could go on, Mama Pansy let out a yell, “HE’S A WONDER! GLO-RAY! and breaks forth into tongues causing the backyard to turn from a party to the church house erupting into hallelujahs’, amens, and hands raising in the air in praise.

Marcus points toward the sky as he speaks; "I thank God for my parents.  Life for us wasn’t easy but Dad taught us the value of a dollar & hard work, and Momma taught us the power of God and prayer. Because of these values and whippins, look at us now!  Our life is blessed, not because of the stuff we have and yes they are wonderful earthly blessings but we are blessed because of the love we share.  You young brothas out here thinkin’ that stuff and money will bring happiness, so you start livin’ foul trying to obtain money not real wealth, but I am here to tell like just like the song says, "more money more problems,” you find out that you can't trust folks, you even start second guessing family cause they know how to pull on those heart strings, and they might become the very ones that hurt you the most over this thing call M-O-N-E-Y!"

Henry mumbles under his breath, “Yeah superman, you must be talking to yourself cause you the one holding kryptonite in your arms." I elbow him. Marcus continues, "So if you never listened to Unc’ before, listen to me now, the greatest blessing a man can have is not wealth or fame but the favor of God, health, the love from his family along with ride or die friends and I have truly been blessed with all the above!”

Applause fillsthe night air as Marcus composes himself. “Now enough with all this crying” Marcus says smilingly. “This is not a funeral but a celebration, so show your love for Ms. Keyisha Cole!" Everybody screams in delight as Keyisha takes center stage singing "Sent from heaven.”

Henry hugs Marcus as he walks from the stage into the crowd. “Thanks for the gift bro this party is going down in history,” Marcus says after they break their embrace. “Anything for my brother” Henry said. “I thought Ms. Cole would be the icing on the cake since someone thought they were going to upstage me with bringing the young brothas from the yard to step without letting me in on the surprise.” Henry says rolling his eyes at me in just.

“Y’all two work it out among yourselves, I have a beautiful woman that I must dance with before she leaves tonight to go back to LA, you know Ms. stylist to the stars, no rest for the best!” Marcus says as he walks Shannon to the dance floor and that’s exactly what Shannon was, a beautiful specimen of a woman, 5’ 11, size 6 of Japanese and African American descent. She looked radiant in her Emanuel Ungaro mini and her over all look was that of perfection. But she possessed one flaw that Henry could not overlook despite her beauty, charm and intelligence. That flaw was from her past as a NFL groupie. Marcus and Shannon met at a pre-super bowl party hosted by Henry and some of his former teammates.  One of the party's premiere "a la carte hoes" was how he had described Shannon.

“Bullshit,” Henry mumbles. “Hush, boy,” why are you still hating all up on Shannon?,” speaking up for someone that I was suspicious of myself. “I hate to burst your bubble cause I know you have always been that trick’s number one cheerleader so I must show you something,” Henry says taking my arm. “Show me-no tell me because I want to hear Keyisha” I asked trying to release his firm yet gentle grip. Henry moves closer to my ear to speak so that I can hear his urgency above the noise of the concert. “No, you’re coming with me, I told you 5 years ago when he was about to marry the trick that Cat couldn’t turn a ho into a housewife, but no! Your “positive” behind kept saying they really love each other! Since you didn’t believe my words then maybe you'll believe your own eyes now.”

“Where are we going?” I asked walking as he leads me. “In Cat’s bedroom” he says without losing his stride. “What are you crazy? I am not going into their bedroom,"  I try to tell him attempting to stop the madness of breaking and entering into another woman’s sanctuary. “If you stop, I will pick you up and explain to everyone you’re drunk.” Henry said with the quickness.
We enter the back of the house through the kitchen and Henry informs the security guard who's also a friend, where we were going and to text him if anyone especially Cat was coming in our direction. Apparently, everyone knows what’s going on in Marcus’s and Shannon’s household but me. Henry unlocks the bedroom door with a key hidden in the wall,  opening the door to one of the world’s most majestic bedrooms.


We walk past the sitting parlor where Henry kicks the Louis Vuitton luggage that is sitting outside the parlor door. “Henry I assume those are Shannon’s” I imply looking at him as if he has lost his mind. He looks back and says, “Smell that?” “Smell what?” I say. “All I smell is Cat’s  Issey Miyake cologne.” “Yeah, Henry leans on the bedpost, “No scent of a female at all, strange isn’t it,,”he says  “Follow me, since you've been MIA for a year, things have change and you need to see this for yourself”, he continues as we scope the room like CSI agents looking for traces of female life.

 We enter Cat’s closet.  I have only been in his closet room twice it's breathtaking, dark wood cabinetry, sitting area, four way mirror, the works. But this time it really took my breath away, the closet reflected Cat’s anal personality, perfect in every way but where were Shannon’s clothes?

My thoughts begin to race, was I the cause of this, did I bring about this destruction due to Cat’s & my one night of passion? How did she find out? Did he tell her in guilt? So why was she acting so wonderful towards me tonight? My heart aches, my eyes tear up, and when my brain can’t compute anymore internal questioning, I black out, falling to the floor knocking over Cat’s accessories, his ties and belts, all tumble down to floor along with me.

"What da hell!", Henry shrieks as he rushes to sit me up, “Lil sis are you ok, I didn’t think you were going to react like this.” “What happened?,” I asked. “You passed out after you saw that the trick doesn’t live here anymore.” Henry answers.  “Stop calling her that! When, why?” I ask puzzled. “Promise you won’t pass out again?” I shook my head ok and braced myself for what Henry was about to say, Shannon had found out Marcus had cheated on her.

Henry begins, “All that you saw outside between Cat and that tri.. umm, Shannon was a show, a fraud, their marriage died a long time ago. Lil sis, our boy is sprung, he wants her back in the worst way but like I told you, she never loved him. She left Cat over a year ago, right after his heart attack. She couldn’t deal with the thought of taking care of him. I just found out about the situation last week when I surprised Cat with my early arrival. He has been covering up her absence from the fam for drama sake in hopes that she will come back to him. She wants a divorce but she doesn’t want to lose the lifestyle... can we say prenup! But don’t worry, she isn't left out in the cold by no means, softhearted knuckle head laces her up each month, bought her the LA condo she wanted, the deed's in her name, and Cat set her up with all of her Hollywood connections! That's love for ya, now let me get you some water.”

Henry gets up and his phone buzzes, the text messages reads, “Cat's lookin 4U & headin UR way GET OUT NOW! ” Henry looks at me in a panic and says, “Cat's coming!” “What!” I scream.  Henry covers my mouth, “Shh get up and go hide in the bathroom!” As I scramble to get up from the floor, I hear, Cat calling “Henry are you in here! You betta not have some female up in my bedroom!” Henry races out of the closet area leaving me behind with no time to run into the bathroom, so I  hide behind the jumbo wicker hampers filled with Cat's funky clothes. At this point I am thinking to myself, "Why in the world did I follow Henry into this craziness!"

“Henry, where are you freak, you betta not have that female up in my shower!” Cat’s voice gets closer. Henry answers him with a quick lie right in the front of the closet room door, “Man, I’m looking out for you, one of your sister’s friends wanted to see how my boy’s living so I am taking her on the grand tour, she’s out on the balcony listening to the concert, it's all good.”  “Enough with the grand tour, bring that chick out to "see" the concert and not just "listen" to it from "my" bedroom balcony.  And by the way, the balcony is off limits too. I never got my freak on out there, so you betta not either!  Not that anyone would be able see your big black naked ass out in the dark anyway, let alone find your itty bitty johnson, if you did" I hear Cat jokingly tease as he walks away.  Henry answers, "Oh that's suppose to be funny, I know you're threaten by all this sexy dark chocolate, you pale possum faced broke down pimp!" They both break out in laughter and I giggle in my mind.

Henry comes back in to rescue me. “Close call now let’s get up out of here before green eyed inspector gadget comes back” Henry says as we both hurry to put things back in place. “If Cat knew I told you he would be furious, he told me yours and William’s marriage still isn’t the best and he doesn’t want his problems added to your drama and from your fainting spell, I understand.” he says and kisses me lightly on the cheek.


Henry doesn’t know the half of what’s going on in my psyche right now. Mama Pansy said I was the one who needed a healer, I believe this time the shoe is on the other foot…

Blaq Poet & DJ Premer - The Blaqprint EPK

| Thursday, April 9, 2009

Teedra Moses - Young Hustla Vol. 3: Lionhearted



Track Listing
1. Weekend Goodtime
2. My Love
3. I Told You
4. Love Devine
5. Rain Drops
6. Cabernet Sorvignon
7. Say Lil Mama (Feat. Triflon)
8. Your Sweet Love
9. Loves Gonna Be (Feat. J Black)
10. So Kool
11. Get Yours
12. Put It In The Wind
13. Way I Move (feat. Scipio aka X.O.)


Tim Shrop Christian Comedy First Live Video & Audio Recording Sat April 18th

| Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Mike Epps "Trying To Be A Gangsta" New DVD Out Now!!


Meet the Author Featuring Bambi


1) What is your story? (ie, where are you from and so on)

Hi, I am Sonjy Nyletti Bambi Davis Allen. My name is Arabic Hindu and Disney... meaning intelligent, pride and sweet, it's as unique and wonderful as God created me to be.

I am a southern bell from a small loving town of Chester, SC, it is 45 minutes SW of Charlotte, NC and 50 minutes NW of Columbia SC so we had/have quick access to "city life."

I am the youngest of three girls, no brothers, and I have been blessed with a wonderful host of nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles. I love truly my family and friends.

I came to Greensboro, NC to attend NC A&T, fell in love with a football player name John Allen as well as one of the greatest church/ministries in the world, Evangel Fellowship, got married, had two beautiful hilarious kids, bought a house and the rest is history.

2) What influenced you to write this short story?

The creator of this blog! LOL We are always talking about our talents and gifts and EOP challenged me to write my thoughts/stories down and have them featured on his blog to see what the world would think of them.

I kept putting it off until one day I said, "I am going to do story wherever it sinks or swim." That's how "Playing the Game" was created. It is fictional take on real life encounters from friends/family conversations and personal experiences.

My motto is "Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction!"

3) Is it possible this short story will be turned into a full length book?

I would love for it too! Playing The Game has taken on a life of it's own, I even dream about the characters.

4) If your short story was to be transformed into a series or movie, who would you want to play the role of the characters?

Terrance Howard- Marcus "Cat" Jones
Terry Crews- Henry Lucas
Fonzworth Bentley- David Perkins
Nia Long- Deb Williams
Kimora Lee- Shannon Jones
Jennifer Lewis- Mama Pansy

5) What projects do you have coming up next?

Personally, I have a Princess birthday party coming up in two weeks. LOL Professionally, with my business JayJon Entertainment and Communications, will be promoting the "Liv I Will" Foundation Walk with Relay For Life in Alabama, producing a SC graduation celebration, wedding reception, and youth event, plans in the summer to partnership with 1081creations to showcase indie recording artist, poets, etc and being available for whatever God has in store for us to make into reality! God bless!


Shady mofos and scandalous hoes

For the month to have just started its been long already, for shady mofos and scandalous hoes. People that know me know holidays arent good for me. Peace and blessings

Evidence - Chase The Clouds Away

Rapper Big Pooh - My Mind

Lil Wayne ft.Young Money - Every Girl (Video)

OK OK OK OK, BEFORE I get all of the hate EMAILS and so on, this post is neccessarly because its Lil Wayne but its for my readers that like Drake, Jae Milz and the few that know about Gudda Gudda. If you have not heard the Drake So Far Gone Mixtape download it below


9th Wonder and David Banner in the Lab

David Banner and 9th track, hip hop needs this.

DJ Spinna Flips Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness”

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J Period Present The Best of The Roots

| Saturday, April 4, 2009


1 - Rock Star
2 - Malcolm X Interlude
3 - Come Together feat. Zion I [produced by J. Period]
4 - The Next Movement
5 - Thought Is Like Freestyle (J.Period Exclusive Freestyle)
6 - Clones
7 - Subliminal Minded
8 - Push Up Ya Lighter
9 - Push Up Ya Lighter feat. Kardinal Offishall
10 - Concerto Of A Desperado
11 - Concerto Of A Desperado feat. Rakim (J. Period remix)
12 - Rakim Interlude
13 - Been Thru The Storm feat. Stevie Wonder
14 - Superlyricism / R.I.P. Big Pun (Interlude)
15 - Superlyrical feat. Big Pun
16 - Supposed To Represent (Interlude)
17 - All In The Music
18 - Don’t Feel Right
19 - Members Of The Band / Proceed Ii feat. Roy Ayers (Interlude)
20 - Essaywhuman?!!!??!
21 - Live From The Pj’s feat. Ghostface & Trife
22 - PJ’s feat. Big L (J. Period remix)
23 - Influences / Native Tongue Interlude
24 - P*Ssy Galore
25 - Stay Cool
26 - Stay Cool feat. Q-Tip (J. Period remix)
27 - De La Soul / Ego Trip Interlude
28 - What They Do
29 - You Got Me (Me Tienes remix)
30 - Me Tienes feat. Nas (J. Period remix)
31 - Don’t Say Nuthin (J. Period remix)
32 - Nuthin (J.Period Stick Up remix)
33 - Nuthin (J.Period Shot Ya remix)
34 - Adrenaline feat. Malik B
35 - Adrenaline feat. Busta Rhymes (J. Period remix)
36 - Yes Y’all feat. Will.I.Am (J. Period remix)
37 - Beat Street / B-Boy Interlude
38 - Thought @ Work (J. Period remix)
39 - Crazy Legs / Rock Steady Crew Interlude
40 - Boom! / Wrath Of Kane (J.Period blend)
41 - Din Da Da (J.Period Volume remix)
42 - Rahzel Interlude
43 - Act Too… Love Of My Life
44 - Love Of My Life (remix) feat. Mayda Del Valle
45 - Streets Of Philly [produced by J. Period]
46 - What You Want
47 - Like Water (remix) [produced by J. Period]
48 - You Got Me feat. Jill Scott, Erykah Badu & Eve (J. Period remix)
49 - Jill Scott Interlude
50 - Break You Off feat. D’angelo [unreleased]
51 - Bonus: Murder In The First feat. Jay-Z [produced by J. Period]


Karriem Riggins - Music Kaleidoscope DOWNLOAD

| Friday, April 3, 2009
If your familiar with Dilla you should be familiar with Mr Riggins if not get familiar, big up to my man De for posting the preview.