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| Monday, April 13, 2009

When i heard your voice four years
ago.I didn't see,i didn't know just,
where this love would go,or how
this love would grow.
Your grace which you bestowed
onto me from your heart and soul.
Is the rythm to my heart and the melody too
loves song. But yet still remaining so many
miles apart.
Bitches -N- the past,try to remain stead fast.
Cant block the path of our Spirtual Wrath. No
One can get between you and me,but you and
me. Can't you see the writtin on Destinys Wall...Come
baby lets take this Free Fall...
Your traggies,were trimmed in Death of many
losses. Don't you know my Twin Soul? That my
love runs so deep. That i would bare both of our
Lovin you is like breathin to me. Its something that
just comes so FUCKIN naturally. I give to you, you
give to me,that profound respect that others don't obtain
so Easily.
We both had women come and go. They showed up
physically,But shit! Dem broads were still a no Show!
They claimed they understood the Rarity of our kind.
But the words that they spoke,kept them one-by-one,
staggering so many miles behind.
Now its time to quit bullshittin. With the reality that we
both share. Hell baby,I think you rest -N- knowing that
i will alway be there.
Maybe its time to go a little deeper,or just tad steeper.
Caus i love you And you love me. Don't get it twisted
people. Cause this ant no surface Shit. Its that real shit
thats meant to be.
To be the Soul of ah Twin and the Twin of another
soul. Its like one of the,Deepest.darkest, brightest,
Painful, Enlightin "Love Stories" that is yet to Be all
that is Told.....


Babygirlasu said...

I'm snapping my fingers on that one.... that was great,cant wait to read more

Meka said...

If you didn't know, now you know! I like it!! Holla!

Angie said...


Costa said...

I can relate