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PSA (Pre Cinco de Mayo) by Acosta

| Friday, April 24, 2009
Hello everyone for those who do not know about me, I am Acosta the assistant to the 1081 staff. I feel the need to address somethings before EOP's birthday. I think when I speak of this I speak for everyone on the staff from Infinity to MU to Monsta to whoever, but honestly its just my two cents. Leading up to this wonderful holiday, there are no haters, slackers, or bi**c*es allowed. If your not built for the grind, get out of line bottom line. If this is not addressed to you disregard this posting and if the shoe fits wear it. By all means when I say if you all don't like it do something about it, hit me up via email and we can get addresses and locations popped off and your problem WILL be solve.

Peace and blessings
Acosta Tejada

PS.Yes my goverment name, come find me if your that passionate about your feelings. This song is for you.


MU said...

LOL Girl you wrong for posting this, you know that she is not gonna respond back.

Babygirlasu said...

I know who's bad side to not get on!!!! Its real in the field...