Kid Tested, Mother Approved, and 100% Sucka Free


| Thursday, April 23, 2009

I stumbled upon,your pathalogical,habitual,narcasitic lies.
Dam did you rehearse them mutha-fuckas ah million times.
I awakened one morning to discover,the Darkness in your
eyes.But when i asked what was wrong.Your "black Ass"
continued to Lie.

Even though my love for you had Demenished.We still shared
(title)U know,"Relationship".So this shit was far from finished.
In the mist of your Deception.Going back to all your recent
"Here we go again" I love you baby.Im sorry for all my trans-

As i read your supposely pure words.Repeated so often without
heart.After time,became "Toxic"and drove us many miles apart.
My heart has grown numb to every word you say.As i watch you
try to play me with a smile Strapped on your Fuckin face.

I tried to be a respectable woman.And introduce to my friend.But
little did i know,you were ready to commit the ultimate in humane
sin.Now shit has really gotten outta whack.As i layed beside you.I
can feel you emotionally stabbin me in the Back.

Let me Cut to the chase.She was Fuckin my friend.Now its been
4months,since that "Betrayal"u know, that Ultimate sin begin.
You see there was 7yrs between her and i.Imma retired "old
school"player.Thats how i caught her in the twist and turns of
all her lies.
Theres an "Old School"saying. The game neva Changes only
the Players do.So dont try to play me.Cause u will be the one
that ends UP getting Schooled
Theres is no need to say anymore.Cuz the lease is up in may,
And I will be walkin out of Betrayals doors...........


Meka said...

Put It on Blast! Period!

Babygirlasu said...

Snapping my fingers for that one...