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Crysis 2 Multiplayer Modes

| Thursday, August 19, 2010
Crysis 2 has been pushed back from this December to next March, here is more gameplay footage and a listing of the multiplayer modes.


Crash Site
Crash Site is a team-based game mode where 2 sides compete for control of Ceph
Drop Pods launched periodically into the map by drop ships patrolling overhead.
Teams score points by guarding the pods and keeping enemies at bay.

Team Instant Action
Team Instant Action is a standard game mode pitting 2 teams against each other.
Kill as many opponents as possible, whilst attempting to minimize your own deaths.
Use the Nanosuit to sneak up on enemies in Stealth mode, or charge in and gun them down in Armor.



Weapons Specialist Module
With the Weapons Specialist ability, the player can reload his weapons both more
efficiently and quicker.

Proximity Alarm Module
With the Proximity Alarm module attached, the Nanosuit gives audio feedback
whenever an enemy approaches. This allows the player to sneak up on or evade their attacker, depending on their preferred tactics.

Enhanced Visor Module
With the Enhanced Visor module attached, the Nanosuit prominently highlights all
enemies whenever they are detected through digital scopes.

Posted Via MyCrysis and Joystiq