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Best of...Outsidaz

| Monday, August 23, 2010

One of hip hops most underrated and slept on posses, The Outsidaz had the rhymes and the production. Big ups to HL at Lattisaw Tapes for putting together this compilation. Enjoy
Young Zee - Ever Be
Young Zee (feat KRS One & Last Emperor) - Yeah
Young Zee (feat Casual) - Bay Vs Bricks
Young Zee - Close Ya Doorz
Young Zee - Electric Chair
Young Zee & Pacewon - EZ Widaz
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - I Got Your Back
Rah Digga & Ghostface - ?!?!?
Rah Digga & Outsidaz - The Last Word
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - Settin' It Off
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) Straight Spittin'
Rah Digga - Straight Spittin' Part II
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - This Is What Happens
Rah Digga (feat Flipmode) - We Got U Opin II
Outsidaz (feat Fugees) - Cowboys
Outsidaz (feat Bizarre) - Get The Dick
Outsidaz - Hard Act to Follow
Rah Digga - Harriet Thugman
Pacewon - I Declare War
Pacewon - Locked
Outsidaz (feat Eminem) - Macosa
Pace Won & Young Zee - Halftime Radio Freestyle
Outsidaz - The Rah Rah
Outsidaz (feat Eminem) - Rush Ya Clique
Pacewon - Step Up
Pacewon - Sunroof Top
Pacewon, Eminem, & Bizarre - Take The World
Outsidaz (feat. Method Man & Redman) - Who You Be
Outsidaz - Brick City
Outsidaz - Duck Hunting
Outsidaz - Hard Act to Follow
Outsidaz - Keep On
Outsidaz - Listen
Outsidaz - Rain or Shine


H.L. said...

Appreciate that...

K' said...

Ok fellas it feels good to know someone else knows about the Outsidaz besides me

Anonymous said...

This collection is crazy! I'm a Rah Digga fan till the end.