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Dancer 4 Life Press Announcement

| Friday, December 12, 2008
Dancer for Life, LLC
More than Just DANCE!

With 2008 coming to a close, I have a 2 questions for you: "Where are you?" and "Where do you want to be?" I am not asking this question as a critic because I am asking myself the same questions! A man once said, "A dream with out a fight is an illusion" true that IS! Unfortunately everything will not be handed to us on a silver platter...there are some things we are going to have to fight for! So as you begin to write down you vision and list of things you want to do in 2009, I ask you to consider Dancer for Life. God has enabled us to impact communities through dance, but just this past year we have expanded our efforts!


Dance Instruction- Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Liturgical, Lyrical and Contemporary for ages 3-adults!

Wellness- We have all natural WARM SPIRIT products to share!

BODY JAM! - Come get your dance on as we sweat off the pounds! Only $8 PER SESSION, or save over $20 for 7 sessions with a Dancer for Life BODY JAM CARD!

Apparel and Supplies- Save money and get the apparel you need with us

Independent Choreography services - On-site dance services

Open Studio Capability- Schedule a time to use the studio space, hold a meeting or even
Networking Functions!

Workshops- Salsa, Ballroom, Chicago Step, Hip-Hop for Guys, African, Self-Esteem, Dance seminars, Corporate Dance workshops, Summer Camp and more!

Birthday Parties- Don't just have a regular birthday party for you or your kids...have a DANCE PARTY! You bring the people, we bring the choreography and music! Sessions available for all sizes!

Please hear my heart on this....we have a true passion and purpose for what we do. We provide a family atmosphere that enables us to help anyone where they are and take them where they want to be, affordable dance instruction for your entire family, free small group help for anyone who needs it, one free workshop session per month and the list goes on! Please see this opportunity that can act as a catalyst for purpose and change in your life and please pass this newsletter on to everyone you know that can benefit from this awesome company! For more information, please visit us online at or call (336) 621-3317.


Brandi L. Jeffers
Dancer for Life, LLC


Anonymous said...

Its good to know I have something to do when I get to the state