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Sneaker Filez by Riality aka Infinity

| Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For those of you that have never stepped into the world of skateboarding… hold on tight and welcome to the world of C1RCA! C1RCA sneakers are very comfortable as they are made for skateboarders who may take the harshest of landings and need that extra cushion for shock absorption. They are also very stylish and they make your feet look small for those that weren’t blessed with size 8’s (lol).
This particular sneaker has a vintage feel to it with its old school brown leather and the plaid cloth panels. This sneaker is very beautiful and stylish and can be paired with regular blue jeans and a layered tee combo (brown & white or brown & black) Not to mention C1RCA has done us all a favor and has created a button down, a jacket, and a fitted to accompany this work of art.
Reasonably priced on their website for $65.00 the sizes range from 5 – 15! So if you’re looking for a casual sneaker that you cold wear to the club or just to hang with your people check out their site at


Anonymous said...

I actually already have these : ) Nice post Riality