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Prodigy - JURRASIC P

| Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1.When You're A Thug (Kool G Rap & Tru Life)
2.Rotten Apple Remix (Sean Price)
3.In The Smash (Big Twin)
4.The Drama (Big Twin)
5.Respect My Gangster (Alchemist)
6.Straight Murder (50 Cent)
7.Veteran's Memorial Part 2
8.Still Slaves
9.Raining Guns & Shanks
10.P Keep Spittin'
11.P Broke The Switch
12.My World Is Empty Without You
13.My Priorities
14.Money Is A Weapon
15.Live In The Spot
16.Don't Be A Follower
17.Dirty New Yorker (Havoc)
18.Basics (Tony Touch)
19.Am I Crazy
20.Stole Something (Llyod Banks)
21.3 The Hard Way (Havoc & Big Noyd)
22.Infamous (50 Cent & Havoc)
23.Narcotics (Havoc)
24.It's A Craze (Havoc)
25.Carved In Stone (Havoc)
26.Louder (Big Noyd)
27.Dead Bodies (Game)
28.Backwards (Havoc)

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hl said...

Appreciate that homie.

Costa said...

Love it, props