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Kev Brown & Kaimbr Releasing LP with Redefinition Records

| Tuesday, March 8, 2011
If you haven't peeped this project, please do so. Its one of the dopest hip hop projects to drop this year. Now its confirmed The Alexander Green project will be available in Late April on CD and limited GREEN vinyl via Redefinition Records. Purchase the mp3's or if your a vinyl cat like me keep your eye on Redefinition Records Homepage


1. Solid feat. Kenn Starr & Sean Born/Isaac Jones
2. Gritz
3. Audio Background
4. Firewater (Bartendin’) feat. Cy Young
5. Hook
6. Rappin’ feat. Sean Born
7. Songs
8. My Apology
9. Lowbudget 260

10. Army Fatigue Rap feat. Roddy Rodd, Hassan Mackey & DJ Marshall Law
11. The combination feat. Early Reed, Kev Brown, Kaimbr, Kenn Starr, Sean Born, Marshall Law, Quartermaine, Eye-Q, &Hassan Mackey
12. We Gon’ Go! (We Gettin On)
13. More Gritz feat. The Kid Daytona & Asher Roth

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Anonymous said...

Score another one for LMK, they freq'd the hell out of Al Green!

Anonymous said...

Props to RZA!