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GGT Boyz Prresent Real Love Doesn't Hurt

| Wednesday, March 23, 2011

North Carolina newest teen heartthrob Hip Hop/R&B group, GGT BOYZ will host "Real Love Doesn't Hurt" Domestic Violence In Dating Teen Forum , Saturday, March 26, 3pm at McGirt Horton Library Phillip Ave Greensboro, NC.

The GGT BOYZ are an amazing group of three incredibly talented, charming, and intelligent teen heartthrobs, DMR, Mello-D, and Jacori. Their musical style follows in the footsteps of Usher, Justin Beiber, and Drake. In a society where several hip hop/R&B artists and groups choose to glorify destruction and the degrading of the women, GGT BOYZ, with a reported nationwide fan base of 5,000 choose to keep their music positive and uplifting, labeling their sound as, “The Revolution & Evolution of Hip Hop/R&B”.

The "Real Love Doesn't Hurt" event reflects their musical message featuring domestic violence counselors and community leaders, Harrison Middle School Drama team, and moderators, NC A&T State University Offensive lineman #60 and sports journalist major Ronald Canty and National Teen Runway model, Emma J of Durham, NC. This event serves as a platform for GGT BOYZ campaign to bring community awareness to this "hidden crime."

It is reported that one out of five teenage girls between the ages of 14 to 17 has been physically and or sexually abused by their boyfriend. Date rape accounts for almost 70% of sexual assaults reported by adolescent and college age women. In 2010, North Carolina reported 61 confirmed deaths were caused by domestic violence. With these alarming rates and those yet untold, GGT BOYZ are taking a stand to let teens and college age adult know, "Real Love Doesn't Hurt!"

The GGT BOYZ debut CD, "Rize Of The Gifted" will be released April 24th. The album hit single, "Cuddles" can be purchased on itunes and official video can be viewed on youtube.

Be apart of the GGT BOYZ movement by logging onto and, follow them on, GGT BOYZ Facebook fan page.