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Pilot Season: Murderer (Comic Book Review)

| Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Murderer is part of the 2009 Pilot Season series, this issue is about Jason Sparks a loner that hears the thoughts of stangers and family. Since sparks is given this gift and curse he can the desires of other people, his mother critizing him for being a slacker, and thoughts of convicts. The only way Sparks can gain that moment of clarity is by committing a murder, he tries to fish through the thoughts echoing in his head to find "bad evil" people. While focusing on the thoughts of one person to murder the thoughts of everyone else fade away, murder for Sparks is a painkiller in a sense. To purchase this comic and any comic for the low with reasonable shipping visit My Comic Shop.


Costa said...

The pilot season series is really interesting but it blows when the stories are not continued

Susiehulk said...

This looks like one to keep an eye out for :D cheers for that!