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Iron and Wine Concert Review

| Monday, November 24, 2008
This is a post not by me but by some of my folks that went to a Iron and Wine Concert last week in Asheville NC, check out the concert review. Here at 1081 creations its not about hip hop music, soul music or rock music. There are no boundaries but just good music. Enjoy

I have been following this band now for about 5 years. I was introduced to a couple Iron and Wine songs off of the first album from a friend. I was instantly intrigued by its simple yet emotional sound. Iron and Wine is actually just a stage name for one man "Sam Beam". Since 2002 Beam has put out 6 records in whole, ranging from acoustic folk rock featuring occasional slide, and banjo to his lastest few albums which are played w/ a little more electric guitar and accompaniment. If you are familiar at all w/ the late Nick Drake, Iron and Wine has a similar sound to the late 60's early 70's artist. My wife and I were able to attend an Iron and Wine concert last week in Asheville, N.C. for a reasonable price. The venue was relativelly small so we got a good view of his talents. As a whole the concert was real good, and he played several of my favorites. The show lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes, not including the opening act "Blitzen Tracker" from Oregon which was a pretty good band in its own respect. Iron and Wine started out w/ just an accoustic set which was Beam playing guitar and singing along w/ a female background vocalist. A few songs later he brought out the rest of the band consisting of a bassist, piano (keyboards), and 2 percussionists. Iron and Wine is essentially just Sam Beam from a creation standpoint {writing, lyrics, music}. Supplemental musicians are called upon for some recording and live shows of course. Some of his typically acoustic songs were played more electrically, which I would have preferred to remain the same. Although you never want to take the creativity away from the musician nor do you want to see a live show sound identical to the record. There were some elongated jam sessions and transitioning from one song directly into another. I would have to say that the most impressive thing about the concert was Beam's vocals, his voice was crisp and clear and sounded like record quality. The crowd called for an encore and after a minute or so he returned to play one last acoustic song from his debut album. Iron and Wine has a gentle folk feel to it at times but don't mistake its ability to rock it out w/ compelling upbeats. I highly recommend checking out Iron and Wine both in the record store and out on the streets.

R. Minor


Babygirlasu said...

The song was beautiful, very laid back and soulful in its own way. Thanks Mr. Minor for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow its amazing how I dont even know you Mr Minor but we share two things in common, Iron and Wine and EOP, whats alright great review of the concert, I own some of the Iron and Wine catalog but not all of it. Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to something new to add to my library of music

Anonymous said...

This is dope, we gotta do our research on this, thanks Minor