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Ferrari 110: What Classics are made of

| Monday, November 3, 2008

Whats good world, I want to introduce you to a very talent brother, who I have alot of respect for. Its rare to find people with the same mindstate and objectives musically.

The Blog:
The purpose of the blog is to reach out to the younger generation and show them what real old school hip hop and
what current underground hip hop is. It's also for the old heads who really appreciate and know real hip hop when they
hear it. Aside from just doing music on the blog I like for people to know some personal things about me through the blog.
I might throw up some post that have nothing to do with music like a movie trailer or some sports post. I think it's always good
to report on different subject matter. It's keeps people looking for the unexpected and keeps them tuned in for more.

The Music:
I know it's like a million of other dudes that do music besides me but at the end of the day I reflect back to the what my
music professor told me.....what does it sound like? This means what is the music really saying, what is the message?
who are you trying to reach when you preform and when you make it? How does it strike your emotions? In a nutshell, I do
it because I see more of my character when I make it. It' all really just speaks for itself.

you can check me out


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on to mr f110, thats a tight blog and i checked the music out, you two need to do a ep together.


Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

Maybe we do need to do an EP never know. Thanks a million for the love family.

Eyesofphases said...

No doubt your welcome, Im down for the crime if your down for the crime, we can get started on a ep

Anonymous said...

This is a nice entire, and he is kinda cute, a EP wont be a bad idea you know with you it takes like 5 yrs in between records LMPAO

Luv ya

Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

I think the people have spoken, we'll have to piece things together now...

Anonymous said...

Dope blog

Eyesofphases said...

Thanks to all the luv and comments to everyone, it makes a difference when the artist has a 9-5 and there passion to keep them sane.