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Beau Love

| Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beau Love
With his true roots in India the 31 year old beat creator Beau Love now hails from Amsterdam. If you´d leave it up to him he´d only need one word to describe his sound; dope!

After a while commuting as a student between Amsterdam and his hometown, he made the big decision to pursue a career in the thing he truly loved, music. Shortly after this, MC Beau Mega (as he was known then) made the transition to Beau Love. The difference; he no longer rhymed over beats, instead he was providing the beats for others to rhyme over. Using the basic Amiga 500, Beau soon realised that he was unable to reach his own high standards with this equipment. Step forward the MPC 2000 - still his main weapon of choice today!

After moving permanently to Amsterdam in 2000, his production talents have rapidly developed, producing industrial beats with enough soul to keep his craft warm - what sets him apart from many is his willingness to sample anything.. For Beau, any sound is a potential beat or sample, therefore making his possible sources of inspiration limitless. To date, Beau´s production efforts prove that he is at the forefront of his industry, providing inspiration for others to draw on.

His unique sound has brought him collaborations with acclaimed MC´s Kool Keith, Blaxtar and MC Fit. And as Beau´s sound progresses we are sure to see Beau working with even more of the industries top artists!

He´s more than happy that the path he walked has brought him to this debut EP Untitled, the first of a promising Appletree Beat Series that will be out on Appletree Records, which brings the best of Beau Love on vinyl and cd. A musical journey of rough beats, samples and instrumentals. It´s not only a sound for one man. It´s a sound for mankind. Love/Untitled

Bio taken from the presskit


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Speaking of wax, when can I get the album on wax, or maybe even a scent of an angel 45, talk to me, you killing me right now.


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... need i say more ?

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I got his album two weeks ago, its hot


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I just purchased the album, thanks for the introduction.


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Why does shipping for the lp has to be so crazy?

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