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EOP'S Ear Candy Presents Ayah

| Thursday, November 20, 2008
This is something new to the blog called Ear Candy, for these post I will feature very talented sisters when so much to offer to the world and the world of music, here is the first post introducing Ayah.

Ayah ( yatun, plural Ayat ytun) is the Arabic word for sign or miracle

A multitalented & self-taught singer / songwriter / composer who possesses a voice so very enchanting in its purity, Ayah has experienced a fairly nomadic life & found her growing world indelibly touched by a vast array of musical genres, cultures and social climates. These elements would inevitably play an influential role in her writing.

At the age of 9, Ayah discovered her voice and her passion to express herself through music. By the time she was 14, she had already mastered playing the piano and had learned the fundamentals to engineering her own material. While developing her genuine sound, Ayah drew from the many music influences she had been exposed to within her travels.

Ayah, now 22, creates her own unique brand of music, an eclectic infusion of classic Soul/Rock, R&B and hip hop; the musical prowess of contemporary RnB artists, Soul stirrers, & timeless legends.

Ayah has graced many stages with her powerful voice and emotional performance. Her live show is not to be missed.

Today, Ayah is working with a solid team of producers, preparing to dominate with her debut offering.

“This is my life, it is not a hobby. This is my one true love, not a one night stand" - Ayah.

To download or purchase the album, here is the site below


Ferrari-110 said...

Me and her have actually spoken in the past. I tried to hit her up for a interview a while back. She's real down to earth and makes some dope music

Babygirlasu said...

Coming in second isnt so bad, I guess!!
I really enjoyed the taste of that candy. She is a talented woman and cant wait to hear more !

Anonymous said...

She is simply amazing

Costa said...

Oh man, this is the check for the Elzhi joint, you she does have talent

Anonymous said...

I see why my husband was going crazy she is good.


infinity said...

I really enjoyed this...

Monsta de Phases said...

Dope music

Anonymous said...

She is super talent


Anonymous said...

She is super talent


Anonymous said...

She is super talent


DB said...

Wow, thats all I can say