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| Monday, April 12, 2010
This is one of my favorite bloggers Kid Nice of Underground Charizma aka UGC, he is also becoming one of my favorite producers. Check out the interview and the beats. Peace

1) Whats the meaning behind the name Underground Charizma?

There's actually nothing special behind it. At first I didn't took this blogging thing serious,
because I'm more of an active/outdoors guy... so I didn't really took the time to think of a specific name
for my blog (which I regret now). Initially I wanted to go with just "Charisma" (because it's something unique,
empowering, gifted,... to have) but that wasn't available so I added "underground" in front, because my plan was to
represent upcoming artists and real (Hip-Hop) music.
After five months or so I started getting some serious hits, so I decided to buy my domain name...but (here we go again)
for some reason Underground Charisma wasn't available, so I dropped the "s" in charisma and replaced it with the "z". And that's how
Underground Charizma was born ...

2) I have peeped your work cover art you have done for Shamgar, have you done any other projects?

Yeah, I did the cover of Gambitt's "SoulTape X: The Blue Bomber Bluez" Beattape
Here's the link:
I really enjoy doing those kind of stuff and I hope to work with more artists in the near future.

3) What is Kidnice doing if he is not blogging?

I'm a full time college student and an aspiring beat-maker

4) What music is Kid Nice currently listening too?

Diamond District
Gil Scott-Heron
The Broken Bells
Hudson Mohawke

5) Its obvious you are a hip hop head, what do you feel is the current state of hip hop?

Well, this is some corny ass question (lol...just playin). I think there are too many mainstream
rappers doing and saying the same ish over and over again. There's no originality, substance...
and some people see that on tv and they think, that's what Hip-Hop has to offer, which pisses
me off. Damn, I sound like an old fart (lol) but there is still hope tho...with the new artists
making up like Wale, Jay Electronica, Fashawn,... and you can't forget about those who have been
reppin' real Hip-Hop for ages!!!

Manu aka Kid Nice - Blue Lady Demo

Manu - aka Kid Nice - Some Jazz for that Azz


KidNice said...

Appreciate the love Costa!

Anonymous said...

Love the article and the beats. Nice to know more about the life of one of my favorite bloggers also.

Eyesofphases said...

Amazing beats man, I look forward to hearing more. Its great to know more about one of my favorite bloggers too.

K' said...

Impressive beats, great interview.

Supa and Angie said...

The beats are banging, a great way to start a Monday off.

Supastarrr said...

Dope beats! Gotta love KidNice's blog =)

Tiffluv said...

Yes we need more educated brothers in hip hop. Yes we love dictionary rap.

Taka said...

Fire beats

KidNice said...

thnx for the feedback my dudes & dudettes!

Gourmet Honey said...

Ok why can't these blogs gets featured in the vibes top hip hop blogs. Fuck the vibe when you got 1081.

Little Miss Knobody said...

Nice to know a little bit more about KidNice. Gotta love Underground Charizma! Easily one of my favorite blogs! Great Q&A :)