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| Monday, April 19, 2010
Good morning to all, I am soooooo happy to bring this new addition of your favorite blogger to you. This week a dear friend of mine is being feature to some she is known as Ms Infinity. Infinity is a contributor to 1081 Creations providing recipes and news on sneakers and she also has her own blog Calla's Creations. For cooking tips holla at Infinity at her blog or on twitter @infinity1081 Thanks for checking out the interview and lined up this week we have new music from Stevo and a leak from the Boondocks Season 3 mixtape. Stay tuned

1. Where did the name Calla's Creations come from?
*The name Calla's Creations comes from the love of my favorite flower the Calla Lily. It is so beautiful and elegant it is truly a creation from God. My creations come from God so there you have it Calla's Creations.

2. We all know you have skills cooking but what made you decide to turn it into a blog?
*I was led to do this by Eyes; but I also thought it would be fun to see if I could have a strong following like some of the blogs that I follow.

3. What are some of your favorite dishes to cook?
*Baked Spaghetti, Jambalaya, anything I can bake. (And anything that puts a smile on my man's face)

4. When you are not cooking, what else do you do in your spare time?
*Well I am a newly licensed teacher so I spend most of my time preparing for school and writing plans and also trying to find the funnest ways to teach my students. I also play my nintendo dsi xl, xbox (watching eop) and cooking. Oh and I love to read, watch movies and take pictures!

5. What is next for Calla's Creations, being there is already a cookbook that can be found on 1081 Creations.
*I would like to create a new cookbook and I would really just like to spend more time working on the blog.

6. Lets say you have your own cooking show who would be 3 people you would like to be a guest cook and what song would you use for the theme music of your show?

*Eyes Of Phases
*Percy Miracles

Theme music: from eop of course and all other worthy underground hip hop instrumentalists

Ok she would not want me on her show, trust me on that because her show will be mine.


K' said...

Really Percy Miracles. LOL I did have some salmon "patties" for breakfast, yes that is a what do you call it a "bummy" jab

Supa and Angie said...

We are huge fans of Infinity, the next rachel ray.

Tiffluv said...

Yes will Infinity's help I might be able to get me a man. Great interview.

KidNice said...

Dope interview!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Dope interview! I love to cook (and eat) so this was right up my alley. Baked Spaghetti, Damn, I'm hungry...

Costa said...

Im hungry too Digs. LOL The recipe for the caramel cake is pure crack

Gourmet Honey said...

I dont fuck with TV Food Network but I rock with Infinity. I love what you do.

~InFiNiTy~ said...

Thanks for the love everyone! I really do appreciate it...

@ Tiffluv just let me know what you need and we def can make something happen for u!
@ Taka you can def be on the show hell you can be on the blog if u like! just let me know!
@GourmetHoney that's alright, that makes me feel pretty good; but don't completely sell out on tv food you'd be suprised check out the Neely's their ribs look amazing!