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Behind the Mind's Eye - Azi

| Monday, April 12, 2010
This is a interview of an up and coming MC out of GA. He is a really humble young man and I see a lot of potential in his future. There was previous post displaying his talents and he is currently building on the feedback left. Now get a chance to understand the MC.

1) Azi introduce yourself to the world who are you and whats your story?

Well I’m Mykier Aziabor, A 16 years old Emcee who has aspirations and strives to be a successful artist yet keeping it real at the same time. Born in Rome Georgia but I moved to Athens a couple of weeks after birth. My story in a condensed form is this. Father who has been in and out of my mom’s house but in my opinion he was never and never will be in my life. With that being said I am the oldest of two my little brother (10) and little sister (7) are one of the biggest things driving me to rap and pursue my dreams. I want to show them that anything is possible point blank period because I never had that father figure to look up to and one night god spoke to me and he just said be strong and the rest will come. Since that day I’ve been in my opinion the man of the house. My mother has been big in my life because for 6 years it was me her and a beat up Honda. Even though the AC never worked and it always had the cassette player working. Now I live in a house with all of them but those Six years molded my life.

2) For me I see Shelia E, Chaka Kahn, ?uestlove and Kareem Riggins as inspiration to do music being I play drums but who or what inspired you to do music?

A christen rapper by the name of T-Bone is the reason I started to write anything. After my mom threw away my Ludacris who is still my favorite rapper till this day, I had to look for something clean. He was speaking what I felt and in my eyes I was like if he can do it why can’t I? Then I stopped writing on and off on a website by the name of It’s a battle rap type of format but I just saw it as a practice arena, a place for feedback until I was able to go recorded. After that comes Lupe Fiasco. The first CD I ever bought with my own money was his Food and Liquor. He say She say on that CD track #7 was the only reason I ever picked up a pencil again. Even though none of my peers can understand how I feel about music I know there are people out there who don’t want to hear B.S coming thru there speakers all the time

3) Let’s say you have an endless budget to record your album who would you have as producers and featured artist?

Of course I would want Eyes of phases to make a comeback as a rapper on a track that I produced. Swizz Beats, Manny Fresh, S.O.V are 3 of my favorite producers. I would really like to do a type of flip flop song where a producer makes a beat and I rap on it for about 4 bars then we flip it to a beat I made and he raps on it. Trey Songz on the hook for the song dedicated to my mom. I have to get T.I, Ludacris and Yung Jeezy on a pass the torch type song and One more with just all my Local Artist.

4) Being you are from Georgia do you feel that you are automatically put in a "box" to make crunk or party music?

I think that with the type of music that I make and because I’m not just talking about guns drugs money and women all the time cough (Gucci Mane) cough they wouldn’t look at me as a southern rapper. I think that rappers are all thrown in a box with a label and if you don’t like one in the box then you don’t like any of them. What box am I in? I have no idea and honestly don’t care what box I’m in as long as people are listening to my music. A fellow Georgia Artist said “Everybody’s a fan if you boo me or applause,” and that’s more than true. So with all that being said yes I feel like I’m being put in a box by others and that’s fine because I always think out of it!

5) Is there anything we can expect from Azi in the future?

I am currently working on a mixtape with about 5 artist in our school by the name of DGB. Dem Georgia Boys are all about having fun and getting our music out there. I refuse to stop so the question is when will we stop hearing from Azi? Haha I’m just a kid having fun with the pad until I can make money with it. I will continue to fine tune my art with you guys advice. Thank you everyone that took the time out to read this. Thank you Toot for the chance to answer your questions. Thank you EOP for the opportunity to be on your website. God Bless


K' said...

Do your thing Azi and don't get type casted

Supa and Angie said...

You going in the right direction. Just stay true.

TIffluv said...

Great interview, too bad he's not older. He is a cutie.

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Gourmet Honey said...

Cosign Tiffluv

Anonymous said...

He's got a good attitude. Reminds me of myself at that age. it's nice to see younger cats doin' their thing.