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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Video Game Review)

| Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peace everyone this is Costa striking again, I wanted to give my opinion on Battlefield Bad Company 2. BC2 is really a great game, some may complain the campaign is too short but who really buys games like this for the campaign anyway, they are bought for the online multi player. The campaign is good it doesn't have as many twist as Modern Warfare 2 but its good in its own right. The online game play is awesome but I said the same thing about MW2 when I first got it. Then the glitches, cheaters and campers came out, now MW2 can give me a headache at times filled with frustration with all of the bull going on. I can't fault the developers of the game for that but the people playing. At this moment I can play BF2 with ease and no frustration, no headache, and no bull. The weapons upgrades and pins and dog tag systems are very rewarding. You can knife somebody and take there dog tags, drive all types of vehicles from cars, boats, atvs, choppers and more. When I spoke to EOP about the game he was killing people with land mines, how disrespectful is that. Lets be real who gets knifed in the leg or shot in the hips and dying on MW2, C'mon son get the f**k outta here with that bull. If you every have the sensation of running around like a superhero threw bullets pop in MW2 but you wont do that in BC2. When I bought BC2 the geek at Gamestop was telling me "you must work as a team there is no run and gun." Real talk from me thats bull, I have played squad death match which goes to 50 kills and I got over half of my teams kills, its having tactic while running and gunning not being wreckless. Time will tell so for now I will give the game 4.5 fingers to the face out of 5, when comparing it to the stressful Modern Warfare 2 I think I will choose BC2. The campaign is good, the graphics are great and the online multiplayer is stressfree.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 4.5 out of 5 fingers to the face


Eyesofphases said...

Excellent Review, I cosign 100&

Supa said...

You compared the two perfectly, I have seen other people play it and it looks amazing. BC2 is like a sim and MW2 is a "arcade" game

K' said...

Good review sissy.