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A Great Way to Start the Weekend

| Friday, March 12, 2010
Blessings to all its been a long week, but here is something to get your weekend started right. Much love to all of the supports of the blog. One
BLOCKHEAD - The Art of Walking

Black Eyed Peas - Fallin' Up

Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock

Adriana Evans - Love Is All Around

Fat Joe - Flow Joe


Little Miss Knobody said...

Yes Indeed! How can you not start the weekend off right to Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force!? I used to wear that Adriana Evans song out!

Eyesofphases said...

True indeed, I had to show Ms Evans some love after Aaron posted some of her material this week too.

Anonymous said...

Crazy, my weekend is now off to the proper start. A lot of people forgot Fat Joe used to actually be nice. I remember that joint, because Diamond D and Diggin' In The Crates crew produced that album. As far as Bambaataa and Adriana Evans, you can never go wrong with them. Blockhedz are dope too, props.

Supa said...

What happened to BEP?

Eyesofphases said...

@Aaron Fat Joe still has it, the better the production the better his flow. It seems like he tried to pick up where Pun left off but he never really had that commercial appeal. @Supa BEP, no comment they know how to sell records thats what happened.

KidNice said...

Shame what happend to BEP, but I ain't mad at to get that dough! Dope selection as usual. mucho props!