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DJ Rated R // Crown City // - Take Em 2 War PT. 2 - THE INSURGENCY

| Friday, October 23, 2009

After the success of "The Appetite" earlier this year, Crown City is back with yet another banger. This time they're taking the whole industry to war with a little help from some of the mixtape game's biggest guns. Miami Kaos brings this tape to life with some of his best artwork to date. The cover features a decapitated A&R (cot damn!!!! these dudes ain't playing). Also featured on the tape: The Legendary DJ Doo Wop, Ali Vegas, DJ Camilo, Joell Ortiz along with production from some of the best in the game. Cormega stops by to represent for the highly slept on collective of Queens emcees & drops a few words. The general on the field is none other then DJ Rated R. Rated R doesn't disappoint and delivers nothing but heavy artillery all over the tape. Get your Riot Gear ready!!!
1. TE2W Pt. 2 Intro - Doo Wop, Gab Gacha, & Willie Maze (Pd. by 40 Below Ent.)
2. Warriorz - Willie Maze, J. Rikashay, & Freddy Lashes
3. Wherever We Go - Camiliano & Trujillo (Pd. by Brisk)
4. I Never Left - Evil Eye (Pd. by White Shadow of Norway)
5. The Insurgency - Rod Da Blizz (Pd. by Madlib)
6. Sleepless Child - Trujillo & Camiliano (Pd. by 40 Below Ent.)
7. Purgatory - Evil Eye, Willie Maze, & Ali Vegas (Pd. by DJ Nice of Crack City)
8. Pop Off - Willie Maze, J. Rikashay, & Freddy Lashes (Pd. by The Great Zee)
9. The Hard Life - Consep & Trujillo (Pd. by K.O.N.)
10. Cold Summer - Willie Maze & Wizdom (Pd. by Sid Roams)
11. Block Muzik - Rod Da Blizz (Pd. by The Labor Dept.)
12. Bring It - Willie Maze & Evil Eye (Pd. by The Beatnuts)
13. Royalty Freestyle - Consep
14. Return Of Mr. Good Bars - Rod Da Blizz (Pd. by The Labor Dept.)
15. Funny Sensation - Gab Gacha (Pd. by Prince Machiavelli)
16. How It Is - K.O.N. & Consep (Pd. by K.O.N.)
17. Still Got Blue Tops - Camiliano & Rod Da Blizz (Pd. by The Labor Dept.)
18. Never Look Back - Trujillo (Pd. by Doe'p Mann)
19. Crown City Tradition - Camiliano (Pd. by The Labor Dept.)
20. Niggaz Talkin' Shit - Consep
21. Party & Bullshit - Trujillo & Evil Eye (Pd. by J. Dilla)
22. I Hear You - Camiliano & Willie Maze (Pd. by 40 Below Ent.)
23. The Blackout Show - DJ Camilo, Gab Gacha, Joell Ortiz, & Trujillo (Pd. by Juju of The Beatnuts)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the weekend! Props for the weekend music as usual!

pherstah said...

great tune fuckaz