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Diamand District - Diamond Exchange Mixtape

| Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Mixtape:

Gearing up for their October 27th release of In The Ruff, DMV's Diamond District is leaking a twelve-track mixtape compiled by DJ Buddy. Featuring four songs from the upcoming album along with a mix of each of the group member's solo work, these tracks all come together to comprise the Diamond Exchange Mixtape with all of the tracks laced together seamlessly with cuts and transitions courtesy of DJ Buddy, who states, "I mulled it over with my mom and we decided Diamond District is the definitive hip-hop group of today." Returning the compliment, group producer/emcee, Oddisee, speaks highly of DJ Buddy and his involvement in putting the mixtape together, saying, "DJ buddy is great and in all honesty this mixtape is all him. He's an actually fan and supporter of our music and movement. The mixtape was actually DJ Buddy's idea and he presented the idea to us. We're fans of a lot of his remixes, so it was in honor to be included in his series." Each of the tracks throws the spotlight onto one of the group's members, letting them each showcase their talent, including the track "In the Jungle," which features a purely instrumental performance by Oddisee. Although a pre-album mixtape, don't let it throw you that a handful of these songs are not on the album – not one of them lacks in the high quality production or deft lyrics that the group has become known for.



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