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C'mon Son Part 5 and C'mon Son Costa Edition

| Thursday, October 1, 2009
Peace to everyone I haven't posted in a minute my apologizes. Big up to everybody that's been feeling the blog, supporting DP, following Ms INF's Food for the Soul, asking for new EOP material and submitting entries for the Pimping Don Miracle Contest. This is the new C'mon son Part 5 and I am not biting I am giving Ed Lover all the love and credit he deserves so spread the word and maybe this can get Ed lover back on TV. Anyone interested in another games night lets set up a date or multiple nights, email me what works for everyone.

C'Mon Son Costa Edition
I refuse to say names because I refuse for anyone egos to be stroked with publicity.

How folks gonna bite other blogs and this blog not give proper credit>>>C'mon Son
How can head claim to love hip hop and not know who Ed Lover is>>>C'mon Son
How is a someone gonna try to holla at me and they still live at home with there parents with no skills>>>C'mon Son
Everyone claims to have skills in video games but when face with a challange they are a NO SHOW>>>C'mon Son
Why are people trying to modify cooking for the soul and they cant do basic cooking>>>C'mon Son
Why do people ask for feedback on there craft but can't take critism>>>C'mon Son
How are we playing gears of wear and you take out a team by yourself, can I get a kill?>>>C'mon Son


Supa said...

Whoa, you going in extra hard son. LOL

Tiffluv said...

C'mon Son

Angie said...

Everybody do the ed lover dance. LOL or the costa shuffle

K' said...

Tellem why you mad son. LMFPAO

Eyesofphases said...

C'mon son, how you gonna try to hit me with a bummy jab, C'mon son you get no kills. Im not like those other punks, Im not afraid of you.