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Behind the Boards: Zajazza

| Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Musical Puzzle Snippet

Zajazza is a nomad DJ/Producer from France. He has been traveling the world since 2002, finding musical adventures in Chile, Brazil, Portugal and New York City. Zajazza specializes in digging traditional samples and bringing them to the Hip Hop production circle. On stage, he is known for spinning rare breaks, a vast collection of Brazilian music, rocking with MCs and making live beats on the MPC. A DJ/Turntablist, he has shared the turntables with the greatest DJs in the world: DJ Precision ( X-ecutioners, USA DMC champ 2007), DJ Q Bert (3 time World Champion), DJ Spiktacular (1999 ITF World champion).

In 2007, he spent the year in Brazil, digging and playing with the best Hip Hop DJs, and MCs: O Rappa, Nitro Di, DJ Only Jay. The same year, he released the mixtape “O Segredo da Beleza”, a selection of the best Brazilian Popular Music he collected while touring.

In 2008, he went to New York, and started to work with legendary underground artists of the 5 boroughs, from the Bronx, to Harlem, and Brooklyn.

He is currently working with rising MCs he met at Sin Sin Freestyle Mondays: Rabbi Darkside, Hired Gun and Farbeon (all from 3rd Party/Say Word Entertainment). He has also done great tracks with uptown artists Bill Blass, Lalibella & Rawaness an album is in work for the begining of 2010).Zajazza is fresh off the “2009 Skillz to Take Brazil Tour” with Rabbi Darkside and Hired Gun. During the two week tour, they rocked a number of shows and wrote/produced an entire new project featuring some of the most respected artists in Southern Brazil.

"My vision of music, is that it has no limit, each style brings something, I listen classical music, rock, jazz, brazilian music...
the beautifull thing of Hip Hop is that we use the best of everything to create our own thing.

I use samples, illegal or not (lol), that helps me a lot to create a groove, and to create a vibe. Now I work with various mcees, that s always a challenge, to make the sound which is in harmony with a style or a personality.

Now I am prepaing an album for Hired Gun and Rabbidarkside (Members of third party/ Brooklyn), it's be ready on october 2009.I am also producing for SOTE/ Servantz Of The Earth with Bill Blass and Rawaness, we are preparing something for the begining of 2010."



Tiffluv said...

Musical Puzzle is pure genius

Anonymous said...

I havent stopped listening to Musical Puzzle since its been downloaded.

K' said...

Cosign Tiffluv, Musical Puzzle is made fresh