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ZaJazza - Musical Puzzle (DOWNLOAD)

| Sunday, May 17, 2009
This is an incredible project by my man Zajazza, its just good music from funk to soul, and some dope emcees. Check it out and support good music.


1 Intro by Kid Lucky (Hip Hop Subway series) and Bill Blass on “Midnigth blue” - Kenny Burrel
2 “Wind parade” - Donald Byrd
3 “I'm gonna love you just a little bit more babe” - Jimmy Smith
4 “Corey died on the battle field” - The Wild Magnolias
5 Scratch interlude on “You turned me on, but you can’t turn me off” - Sylver Convention
6 “Music Turns Me On” - Mark Holder
7 “Come Together” - Richard Groove Holmes/Ernie Watts
8 Hip Hop Subway series’ freestyles on “Lightly salted” - Barry Ungar
9 “Cantelope Island” - Donald Byrd
10 Drums
11 “The edge” - David Mc Callum
12 “Soul” - S.O.U.L.
13 “Live wire” - The meters
14 “The bump” - George Freeman
15 Scratch interlude on “Still bill” - Bill Withers
16 “Goin down slow” - Bobby Blue Bland
17 “Get out my life woman” - Joe Williams
18 Hired Gun freestyles on “Christmas will be” - Low Rawls
19 “Sing a simele song” - Sly and the family stone
20 Beat juggling interlude on “Knock him out” - Sugar Ray
21 “Tatou strip tease” - Michel Audiard
22 “Les copains de la basse” - Guy Pederson
23 Poem by Aeden and freestyle by Bill Blass on “Day dream” - Bernard Wystaete
24 “Driving” - Driver OST
25 Beat juggling interlude on “”
26 “Slick Eddie” - Sonny Stitt
27 “Blues walk” - Lou Donaldson
28 “Oblighetto” - Brother Jack McDuff
29 Outro by Rawaness on “Mystic Brew” - Ronnie foster

MISSION STATEMENT - "This project took me a long time, like 6 months of digging in the crates of Phily and New York, researching the right breaks (Soul, Jazz, Funk from the 60’s and 70’s), and recording some New York Mcees in order to make a kind of homage to the roots of Hip Hop Music. So, what’s the recipe? Some good records, two turntables, a handheld recorder, and some skilled mcees…"



Angie said...

Good stuff, Im digging it.

K' said...

Do you have any other releases, this was great.

Anonymous said...

Dope mix cd

Costa said...

Love it

Zajazza said...

thanks a lot to my man Eyesofphases for posting my mixtape here, I am very pleased to be part of this blog!

And thanks a lot for the comments!! Yes I did others release in 2008, and 2009. some collaborations with Mcees, and a Brazilian Mixtape.

thanks again for supporting independent music!!!