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Seis de Mayo (The Day After Cinco De Mayo)

| Wednesday, May 6, 2009
I must honestly say for this to be a jacked up weak from bull, whining hoes, scandalous hoes, shady mofos and dumbass police, this has been my best birthday in a long time. People who know me, know since my mothers passing I don't celebrate holidays and so one, my birthday especially. This took me back to my childhood, there was one year, I was really young and Beetlejuice was the rave and I got beetlejuice toys. I was just amazed back then and I have not felt that feeling in a long time. Hell I think thats why I still love beetlejuice now. I want to say I was like five or six, besides the point thank you for all of the emails, text msgs, phone calls, gifts, cards and love in general.


Angie said...

I just got back in the state, the party is to be continued

MU said...

Happy birthday my G, we working on the situation for you too.

Taka said...

Happy belated birthday