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Gemini 5ive Featuring Pharoahe ManC - Cover Girl

| Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Gemini 5ive:

Excuse me, what's ya name miss? You now in tuned into
Best in the ride, hit cha heart like a soul vibe.

I see ya profile: elegant & pretty
Witty with the concepts you need to get with me.
Quickly in the top 5, but she provide a
Smile that's worth while the top slice of the pie...and I
Can't deny it, can't put it pass on a
Scale on 1- 10, a 25 and a 1/2, I mean...
What you expect when you look. into them eyes
If her face was blue skies, her eyes be ah sunrise
And I'm lost in the spirit of essence
Her presence got me focusing my eyes on the heavens
Cause our chemistry is much more than matched
Attached to the heart is a chain called the facts
And she my true heart, # 1 in the world:
My angel, my star, my shine, my cover girl (heyyy)

Tameka, Tammy…Angela, Rene…
Brittney, Lisa…Michelle, Shante…
For ALL my pretty girls from across the world, you step it
Out Ms. Thang…cause you my Cover Girl

Pharoahe’ ManC
Oye vey! Lordy lordy, joy/ pain, so
Many girls, which one's gon' be ya boy bay?
Good and bad luck, but what do the coy say? They
Play ya man like he a KB Toy game...(dang)
Tho one day, I'll pull a model off the runway, a
Student off the yard: Delta, AKA,
Maybe a prudent star for when life is like a movie, I'm
Too G, looking for a20cutie for QT...or
Bootsie: I'd rather be you Ms. Cover Girl,
Bikini Bottom squirrel, nutso for your beauty,
Betty Boop-sy frame, Prada wrappin ya booty: a
Very freaky girl rockin Gucci...Oopsie, I mean...
A classy girl, loosely bound to her fake constructs, a
Strong foundation...she blushes when I take her lust...
She sounds too good to be true, but why would I make her up?
Maybe it's Maybelline...(yeah) maybe it's make believe…8)



InFiNiTy said...


K' said...

Incredible track

Costa said...

This was something nice to wake up to, good job fellas

Babygirlasu said...

I'm feeling the track,nice job!.... so when can we get the remix with EOP?

Mecca said...

Good music, Im digging this.

Angie said...

Impressive final track

Supa Dave said...

Its a pretty good track, but its like its missing something.