Kid Tested, Mother Approved, and 100% Sucka Free


| Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweetie, I beg your permission to ready your vision to
Get up with this ROMANtic and make a better decision,
Bombard you with vocal ‘game’ and steady insisting, but
Honestly, my only aim is in heaven’s intentions…
Words: I said them, I meant them, to spread the momentum; to
Bring a smile to your face and help you weather the symptoms of the
Struggles of everyday, and I’m prepared ready-made, so
When I speak to touch you heart, don’t regret and forget them…
Been loving you from the start of our melodies written,
Steadily spitting my song strong as a medic’s prescription cause of the
Beautifully Unique Divine Diva Your are…but I wanna
Be a better B.U.D.D.Y. than Musiq, and do more than Juslisen,
I want to explore this vixen and implore this
Whispering in your ear til your drawers are twisting, and
Keep an eye out for when your worry’s sensing then
Keep the other as spare just for MORE attention,
Cause I could observe you with my eyes closed, and behind the
Blindfold still see that your glory’s risen…
That’s why the nights go by with your light shone high,
Sparking sunshine through your striking resemblance 8)

Perfection is jealous; the only goddess made, I need
Roy Orbison’s shades to view her vivid dazzling, but my
Eyes are always up for a brilliant glow that’s challenging…
Thank her for showing me how and what really love is,
Thank her for showing me how and what really love is,
You know I had to say it twice to do it any Justice…her
Word choice reminds me of sons and daughters, she’s
Open water that quenches the thirst for martyrs…
My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of this girl, I
Adamantly observe her like another world, so
Never mind the blinding, she easily mesmerizes and
Captivates me with her solar eclipse, the shining that
Has me licking my lips, washing out my eyes in hopes that
I could look upon her with pure vision, (tries the soap)…
Loving a prize as inexplicably wondrous as
Describing to a blind man what each and every color is


K' said...

FIRST, this is a nice track, I have visions of teh video already.

MU said...

Is there a album to go along with this?

Costa said...

"Clapping hands" Bravo ENCORE ENCORE

Anonymous said...

Love the track, but no love for biters. Yes this means you. I know your reading it.

Mr. ManC said...

Good visual to go with the song man, haha...thanx for the post, btw...there is no album to go with this yet, just some old feelings put to a new beat *iNpSiRed*

and yeah, sorry bout the biting...I compose all of my lyrics by randomly scrolling thru OHHLA...pardon self 8)

Anonymous said...

No biting is coming from the artist but someone else out there. They know who they are. I love the song, I can relate.

Mr. ManC said...

presheateit anon...sorry, the message boards have me a bit snarky lately, lol 8)

Babygirlasu said...

Loving the be blinded by someone can be a beautiful thing. People need more in their love...

Bianca said...

ManC you have a new fan now