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Duke Nukem Forever Review

| Thursday, June 23, 2011
This is a special review by one of the homies I game with. The lil homie bulletproof555 (XBL Gamertag)is currently working on his own website and I'll keep everyone posted with details. As for now you can follow him on twitter @bulletproof5555

Campaign - The story line was solid, understandable, and funny as always. There are some times where the game lags and the frame rate slows down but that happens in most games any way. There are a few puzzles but are fairly easy you just have to use your brain a little bit. The games intro is pretty badass but I'm not going to spoil that. The story was medium to long in length and there are plenty of things to do and find in Duke Nukem such as play pinball, take a piss just to name a few. The loading screens are long as hell and do get pretty damn annoying at times. The graphics are fine I don't see why people complain the graphics aren't going to be like Crysis 2 but if you can see the strippers titts then the graphics are fine. The humor is in every level and the boss battles keep you entertained and a little bit of a challenge. There isn't that much of a variety of guns but its whatever. The achievements/Trophies are pretty easy except 3 which are going to take some time out of your day. You really can't hate this game its about a man who loves guns and tittys what else could you ask for.

Multiplayer - Nobody bought Duke Nukem for multiplayer but its decent its nothing special. You can get your kills in but the aiming system sucks so your going to be unloading A LOT of bullets but you will eventually get a kill. There are your basic game modes but Duked over. Like Team Duke Match or Capture The Babe. The look sensitivity is pretty stiff in campaign and multiplayer so your going to have to amp it up like 5,6, or 7. When you level up in multiplayer you can get items to customize Duke like a pimp hat, uniforms or glasses. Also when you level up you can customize your crib in multiplayer and get items like pig cop statues or air hockey tables. Leveling up is a pain but you can get through it if you play enough.

Overall - The game was good I had a good time playing and frustrating times over puzzles that were so simple. There is a little freezing in the game on Xbox 360 but I'm not sure on PS3. I rate this game a 7.3 but I would of rated it higher if the loadings screens weren't so damn long, a variety of guns, and different enemies instead of just rushing pig cops, aliens, and the same bosses over and over. The multiplayer i could careless for but its something to do when you beat the story. The soundtrack is good and intense and the comments he says are always funny. The game is fine and I dont't understand why it got bad reviews it not call of duty, battlefield, Halo, or Grand Theft Auto its a man who has to save the world who so happens to like guns. bitches, and beer. The game came out 12 years ago understand that.