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| Thursday, August 27, 2009

First of I want to thank everyone who played Gears of War with us last night I had so much fun, I also want to take the time to thank Infinity for turning me into a master cook, thanks girl I owe you one. For those who couldn't play sorry for the short notice, the next "game nite" is coming up soon feel free to send me or EOP a email if your interested in joining the fun. My email is and eop email is The game we play is completely up to whoever that wants to play but as of now we will be playing Grand Theft Auto 4. Let me lay down some ground rules.

1) Don't assume the females playing don't have skills because they are female.
2) No racist assholes allowed unless your equally racist against everyone like EOP.
3) We don't need any Last Action Heroes (Trying to me Kobe ((A Superstar))
4) No ignorant assholes (AGAIN)
5) No Whiners
6) No people who think they are the greatest player every and really suck.
7) No negative nellys
8) Don't ask for our gamertags we will find you.
9) No random friend request, if you have skills we will add you.
10) No perverts going through adding all the females on other peoples friend list trying to get a girl. Effin loser.
11) Don't come into the party trying to promote your music and product if your material or items suck.
12) If your not open minded and you cant accept criticism don't play with us.
13) No sore losers
14) Last not least we need no super sensitive people playing with us.

P.S. If were playing Gears; Infintiy, EOP, and Angie is one my squad. If were playing GTA me, Stevo and EOP will kill everyone so don't even try to play against us. May everyone have a great day and weekend and all super sensitive punks get some backbone and then come see us. Peace


Tiffluv said...

She strikes again, I cant get on the squad that some ole bull

K' said...

Well put, I hate playing GOW with cats trying to save the world

Supa said...

Somebody needs a hug, when can I show improve, me and you tonight on GTA4 at 10p.

Eyesofphases said...


Angie said...

I love rule 9, 10, and 14

Infinity said...

that's what's up, preciate the love... see in horde