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Cuffed by Curiouslovechild

| Sunday, August 23, 2009
I ran across a blog with some beautiful poetry and I have to share it with everyone on my blog. Below is a poem called Cuffed by Curiouslovechild and you can visit her blog at Feel free to leave comments and visit her blog as well. If your digging Cuffed and I know you will Curiouslovechild will be releasing a book with some of her friends entitiled The Left Side Poets Present: Strange Fruit set to be released this fall.

Cuffed by Curiouslovechild

I've never been in handcuffs
But I could feel the cold metal in my dreams:

You on top of me
Each wrist linked
To the other

While the public chanted of our love
A mockery of marriage
A bondage of adoration
That supposedly goes beyond the silver imprints

Past the gold on my ring finger
Pressing into veins
Leaving vulnerable skin underneath
Wet and useless:

A bronze reality
Melted together
To form a union
Less than pure.

And God only sees you
For the wrong you do
Between the clicking cuffs

You don’t think of me
Even as I lay over you
Sharing blood beating
Stainless steel

I refuse to appreciate
Your mental freedom
My lack of control sends spasms
Down ring fingers
Leading to tips that can’t touch you
Like I used to

Our friction creating fractioned hearts
In an imprisoned dreamland
Our togetherness creating a distance
Only heartstrings apart.

Curiouslovechild's Blog.


infinity said...

wow that's amazing

Supa said...

Very amazing, I am looking foward to the book release.

Tiffluv said...

Love is an amazing thing. Nice work

Costa said...

This makes me want to make love to a pen again, thanks for the inspiration

Anonymous said...

Thats love

K' said...

I used to have a love like that, but when I realized I didnt know myself good enough to know it waS LOVE.