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Skillz (a universal beat tape)

| Thursday, January 22, 2009
For all of my new readers, I was on a beat tape that was released last year along with some really dope producers from all over the world. New to some, old to some, same great beat tape; different cover.

DOWNLOAD skillz (a universal beat tape)

01. dul - beat 11
02. jekai soulspeak - passing everything by
03. rob love - hockey mask music
04. this is tomorrow - nothing is as it seems
05. the billion dollar quartet - philosophy is learning to die
06. trishes - aeroflot 08
07. graziano - the way it iz
08. eyes of phases - steps of imperfection
09. king elam - laws flute joint
10. sta - berty
11. katrah quey - last piano beat part 4
12. dj pc - sp beat 30
13. zajazza - method number one
14. le freaque - harlem nights
15. noza - dear old budapest
16. true statiks - sun 85.5 bpm
17. madscientist - don't blaze
18. jbm - stop falling in love
19. lp2 - i think of you
20. dj ian head - rush rush
21. asthmatic astronaut - space jazz
22. akira kiteshi - albino egg


Babygirlasu said...

I have had the honor to hear some of this album. Its so amazing to hear music from across so many different borders and how the music speaks for itself. You cannot tell that the beats are international. Cant wait to hear the whole thing(hint hint). Mr Eop is international known now he is missing his microphone lol...

Anonymous said...

good looking on thee post (as I currently download it 8)

Costa said...

I love this cover