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Behind The Boards: CeZar "The Brain Child"

| Monday, January 12, 2009
CeZar (pronounced Ceasar) “The Brain”
Born Brice Howard

Named CeZar due to the common mispronunciation of his middle name Cezaire and for his internal quest to rule in production. He began his musical journey at age 7 listening to his father’s Earth Wind and Fire albums which a stack full of books and drum sticks as his first drum set. At age ten he began to play saxophone in the elementary school band and continued to play through highschool and college at NC A&T State University where he majored in music education with the principle focus on classical saxophone. During the year he also taught himself piano, trumpet, French horn, and electric bass, but his strengths have always been classical alto sax and jazz tenor sax.

Justintyme - Differences

CeZar started with arranging at age 15 by composing original mini multi-movement pieces for marching band. However, none of his original pieces were ever performed. At age 16 he took an Electronic music class where he was introduced to sequencing and production. He felt that through his production his musical ideas could be performed on a smaller scale but with a larger impact with an artist instead of band. His first album appearance on a local scalecame in 1999 with the co-produced song entitled ‘Game Over’ performed by LS of My House Entertainment. The song gained steady rotation on Greensboro College’s radio hip hop show. He went on later to produce singles ‘Move Slow’, ‘You better know’, and ‘We Ride’. CeZar’s production credits also include production for Premeum, former Bad Boy A&R turned rapper G-City, L.O.C., BB, SirPreme, Cutthroat Smitty, Mys Nita, Rashard, Evin Gibson, Nicodemus, Justin Time, Trav B to name a few.

Currently CeZar is a lead engineer and producer in a joint venture with Pure Records U.A.G Production and managing R&B artist Phillip Ballard.

Acquired the name “The Brain” for simply being the organizer and his passion to dominate in all genres of music production.

Mys Nita - Ooh

Strengths: Master of imitation. Known to take riff from a song and make it a working master piece that only mimics the original in key. Known for R&B/Soul bass grooves, catchy party tracks, high pitched old school samples, signature synth sounds, complex melodies and counter melodies with simple “pocket” drum tracks

Equipment: Fruity Loops 8, Cool Edit Pro, Roland Fantom X6, Cubase SX, Digital Performer, and live bass

Musical Influences:
Earth Wind and Fire, Mint Condition, Quincy Jones, Gap Band, Isley Brothers, Cameo, The Jacksons, Stevie Wonder, P-Diddy, Stylistics, Guy, New Edition, Usher, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux, Musiq Soul Child, Boyz II Men, Vivian Green, Mary J Blige, N.E.R.D. Linkin Park, Green Day, Papa Roach, Justin Timberlake, Blink 182, Maroon 5, Puddle of Mud, Creed, Vince Dicola, Bill Conti, John Williams, George F. Handel, John Philip Sousa, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jay Z, Wu Tang Clan, Red Man, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eminem, G- Unit, Fabolous, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Freeway, Timberland, Rodney Jerkins (Dark Child), Chris and Neef, Maxwell, A Tribe Called quest, De La Soul, AZ, Amerie, and many others.(in no specific order)


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Nice tracks bruh

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Tight Work Cez...Keep It Going

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hot beats

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Mr CeZar said...

Preciate the Luv folk. I did want to clear up one thing about the post. The ELOHSEE joint "I'm leaving", I did not produce. ELOHSEE is actually a group that I've managed and done some production for but at the time of this posting they hadn't recorded anything on my production but I think this was one of the most talented groups I've worked with so I felt the need to include a clip of their music in the post. I apologize for the mix-up or if this came off as misleading. Thanx