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Kev Brown - Classic Joints

| Friday, April 22, 2011

Kev Brown’s “Classic Joints” is compilation of selections, fan favorites and unreleased music from the Landover, Maryland Native's VERY NOTABLE body of work.

If you know Kev, you know that he's an extremely talented and humble producer/rapper, as well as a pretty generous dude. He's sharing with us a selection of songs that he has made in the past 10 years including tracks with Busta Rhymes, Grap Luva as well as his Low Budget Crew.

01: Marley Marl - Feat. Kev Brown & Grap Luva - “What Ruling Means”
02: Kev Brown - “Another Random Joint”
03: Busta Rhymes - “Packin’ Them Things”
04: Biz Markie - “Games”
05: Kev Brown - “Batida”
06: Grap Luva feat. Kev Brown - “Power Bars”
07: Kev Brown Ft. Asheru, Grap Luva & Hassan Mackey - “What You Got”
08: Kaimbr & Kev Brown - “Songs” (From The Alexander Green Project)
09: Jay-Z - “Threat” (Kev Brown Unofficial Remix)
10: Kev Brown - “Always” EP Version
11: Kev Brown - “Work In Progress” (Damu The Fudgemunk Remix)
12: Kev Brown - “The Crowd”


ALSO AVAILABLE (April 26th):
Kaimbr & Kev Brown's "The Alexander Green Project"
Produced Entirely by Kev Brown
Available via Real Late Music: DIGITAL
Available via Redefinition Records on CD/LP/TAPE (limited edition GREEN vinyl w/ Bonus 7")


hl said...

Thanks for posting this. Been meaning to get into his material, but it seems like he doesn't release much music. About to download this now.

Eyesofphases said...

Your welcome homie, I know you will enjoy it.