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WE3 (Comic Book Review)

| Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WE3 is a remarkable mini series written by comic book genius Grant Morrison who is also known for Seaguy, Batman Arkham Asylum and the New Adventures of Hitler to name a few. The plot of WE3 is revolved around three animals, a cat, dog, and rabbit that have been placed in robotic armor carrying all types of guns, claws, land mines and maybe even TI's guns. I also think that my cat has one of these suits stashed some where in the house. Our three heroes have brain implants and the capability to talk, they escape the government facility in search of "home." While searching for home they run across people willing to help and some that want them dead.

WE3 is a really deep comic in the sense of comparing the three animals to different races and culture bonding together to reach one common goal. Its worth checking out and hopefully the movie will see light of day. If the movie isn't released come to the crib and watch my cat, its the same difference. Blessings to everybody.


Costa said...

Yeah Punkin + Gigi = US2. This looks really dope, send me your copy and a copy of 7 Days from Hell. Don't talk back, thank ya.

Eyesofphases said...

I'll think about sending you the comics if you learn how to act...fool