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Lady Music by K.G.

| Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Lady Music - K.G.

She is sultry, warm, and enchanting.
She rocks your soul
And chronicles your life.
Her melody and rhythm cast an entrancing spell.
Ivories tickled, chords strummed,
Big bands and big voices;
Smokey bars filled with jazz and magic.
You are caught in her rapture.

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Angie said...

I love it

K' said...

I can dig it, thanks for putting me on to a really dope blog

Anonymous said...

Your pen is nice my brother, your pen is nice. Respect.

Kimster said...

Hi! It's actually my pen. Haha. I appreciate the positive feedback and, again, for the posting! :) ~K.G.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kimster! I really respect your pen, lol. Great words, and couldn't be from a better source. Lady Music, from a lady's perspective. Dope!!

Kimster said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words. :)