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Alan Wake Final Thoughts

| Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blessings to everyone, being Costa provided the first thoughts of Alan Wake, I will provide the final thoughts. I really don't even know where to start, the game was a great experience and I had a blast playing it. This review will not be filled with spoilers so have no worries reading if you intend on playing the game. The final thoughts will basically go over the value of the game because that's the bottom line. To some people they feel the need to have to play video games online and they can not enjoy a single player game. I am not that type of person. Alan Wake brought something fresh to the table that has not been done in a video games before and that is a definite plus for me. The environments created in the game play is remarkable, the mood is set in every episode/chapter in Alan Wake's journey to seek for the truth. Based on Costa's review she is correct the campaign is 12-15 hours long and it should really be played through twice to gather all information. Is Alan Wake really worth the 59.99 price tag in my opinion yes it is because its fresh and entertaining. BUT if you can borrow it from a friend or rent it by all means do so, if you do not have any intentions on playing through the game twice or purchasing the downloadable content being released in July and later this year. For the experience the game is worth it but for playing through it really quick you may want to think twice. At the same time the average first person shooter multiplayer campaign last for about 6-10 hours, but there is limitless hours of multiplayer fun. So I purchased Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption at the same time so that's why I really have no complaints about Alan Wake not have online gameplay. Being Alan Wake plays like a movie I really hate movies that leave me with more questions than answers and Alan Wake really leaves you with a million and one questions. The ending is pure open interpretation, with that being said play it today.

This is some footage of Wake battling a demon poltergeist bulldozer


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