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For My Mama

| Friday, December 18, 2009
For does who know me Im not one to really dont show emotions like that, I just wanted to post this for my mom. I love ya and I miss you.

"I know I'm stressin' ya at times seem like I don't care
You wrote bad checks for me to have somethin' to wear
You risked ya freedom for me nowadays that's real rare
Everytime I think about the shit I wanna shed a tear
That's why I buy ya somethin' for Father's Day every year"


Tiffluv said...

Stay strong pop. Luv ya

Supa said...

I share your pain, just turn it into something positive.

Anonymous said...

God Bless

~InFiNiTy~ said...

I Love You Babe.

K' said...

Hold your head son. Blessings