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A Great Way to Start the Weekend.

| Thursday, November 12, 2009
This weeks post is all Costa's idea, excuse me The Killa formerly know as Costa now you can address her as Costa Da Great. To the point of the post, we were talking about mood music and she was telling me what she listens to when she's playing video games. So I posted the music that I listen too while I'm gaming. Feel free to post comments on whats in your deck when your cleaning, cooking and so on. Peace. The next 1081 Gaming Nite will be held within the next few weeks, feel free to email us on any game suggestions.

Jean Grae - Fyre Blazer

Redman - Coc Back (Feat. Ready Roc)

Three Six Mafia - Who run it

50 cent - I get money

Mobb Deep - Cobra

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Costa said...

Thank you for giving me proper credit big homie. My playlist is very diverse.

Gaming Playlist
Common - Like Water for Chocolate
50 Cent - Strong Enough
Any cd by the roots
Any Cd by Scarface
EOP - The Pastel Moods Beat Tape

Tiffluv said...

My gaming list is the redman discography, rage against the machine, sean price, EOP of course, and The Cool Kids

Supa said...

Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Mack 10, Heiro, and Prodigy

K' said...

Gaming music, the first two Nas albums, Reasonable Doubt, anything Outkast, Big Pun and Pastel Moods.

Anonymous said...

Killer! I was all in from the first video. I always look forward to "A Great Way To Start The Weekend" and I agree with everybody's lists, but for me it's gotta read like this:

Reasonable Doubt
Whut Thee Album & Muddy Waters
Ready To Die
Like Water For Chocolate

The original albums and samples!

Taka said...

All the greats have been named minus Wu tang, I need this Pastel moods beat tape. Where can I get it?