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1081 Game Night Sept 15th

| Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats good everybody, so its official the 1081 Game Night will be next Tuesday Sept 15Th. The night was picked based off of the majority of people wanting to play. If you are wanting to participate in all the fun please email me, for the times details. As of right now the games being played will be GTA4, Gears of War 2, and NBA 2K9. EOP will be playing NBA 2K9 with a few people, we have death match and team death match set up for GTA4, I have 4 people on a team for horde for GOW2 and I need a trained assassin for my partner for wing man on GOW2 and one more person for horde. Here are the rules again for any pansies who don't understand. Dont worry about leaving comments for this post, just email me. Thanks

1) Don't assume the females playing don't have skills because they are female.
2) No racist assholes allowed unless your equally racist against everyone like EOP.
3) We don't need any Last Action Heroes (Trying to me Kobe ((A Superstar))
4) No ignorant assholes (AGAIN)
5) No Whiners
6) No people who think they are the greatest player every and really suck.
7) No negative nellys
8) Don't ask for our gamertags we will find you.
9) No random friend request, if you have skills we will add you.
10) No perverts going through adding all the females on other peoples friend list trying to get a girl. Effin loser.
11) Don't come into the party trying to promote your music and product if your material or items suck.
12) If your not open minded and you cant accept criticism don't play with us.
13) No sore losers
14) Last not least we need no super sensitive people playing with us.


Eyesofphases said...

I left a comment and whatcha gonna do about it, you cant beat me.

Anonymous said...

Who got school in GOW2 last night, if I recall you didnt get a kill Ms Tejada. Who got the facial to the white meat, me or you?

Tiffluv said...

Please insert comment here. LOL

MzPeReZ said...

Here is a new rule, from playing with EOP he said a new catch phrase, no skating or surfing allowed, mean those dudes that beast wave 1 thru 3 and turn into last action heros after wave 4. No I will not revive you.

Double J said...

Is it too late to join in tonight, I sent a email earlier today but I havent heard back.

Eyesofphases said...

Double what are you trying to play, email me