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SP-1200: The Art And The Science

| Wednesday, September 28, 2011
SP1200: The Art And The Science" is the first book ever written for the inimitable SP-1200, hip-hop's most iconic drum machine/sampler. Certified by E-Mu Systems, this book celebrates 40 years of the SP1200

"In the chapters to come, PBODY will guide you through the world of the SP1200, its history, its underlying technology, and both conventional and unconventional techniques for making music with it. I am personally honored to have played a key role in creating such a time-honored instrument, and I must confess how delightful it has been to have a chance to pour over the schematics again and recall the whole design experience. I hope you'll have as much fun reading as I and the whole E-mu gang did in producing the SP1200. Enjoy!"
-Dave Rossum, E-Mu Systems Inc. Founder


Anonymous said...

what a timeless piece of equipment, it's nice to see it being presented in a book.

KidNice said...

I didn't know Grap Luva was related to Pete Rock! I guess you learn something new everyday...mucho props EOP.