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S. Velvet Noose - I'm A Nobody (Spoken Word Mixtape)

| Tuesday, August 2, 2011
This is the new spoken word mixtape by Leftside Poet S. Velvet Noose, the best way to really sum up this project is original and fresh. The tracks Sankofa, The Land of Milk and Honey, and Burning Like Kush have been in heavy rotation. I know I have a diverse crowd that visits 1081, I suggest for everyone to check this project out with a open mind and heart and you will respect the talent of S. Velvet Noose. Support raw talent and hip hop.

Track 01: Intro
Track 02: Sankofa
Track 03: Interlude-Minstrel Show
Track 04: Four Little Black Girls
Track 05: Interlude-Real Boy
Track 06: Jimmy
Track 07: Coins
Track 08: Coins Refrain
Track 09: Interlude-I Have a Dream
Track 10: The Land of Milk and Honey
Track 11: Forget Me Not
Track 12: Burning Like Kush
Track 13: Number 3