Kid Tested, Mother Approved, and 100% Sucka Free


| Monday, July 18, 2011

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! X-Force is the hottest mutant team right now in the Marvel Universe, with the current launch of Uncanny X-Force burning up the shelves everywhere. Teaming up the most vicious and morally flexible heroes, Wolverine leads the ultimate strike force willing to do anything, at any time to protect the world’s mutant population. Kotobukiya is proud to present the second member of an all-new X-Force lineup of Fine Art Statues after the inaugural X-23, DEADPOOL! That’s right, the “Merc with a Mouth” is back. Formerly a member of the Weapon X program and assassin for hire, Wade Wilson now works on the side of good (for a price) in the pages of Uncanny X-Force. Based on the recently released Deadpool Fine Art Statue, the X-Force version really kicks thing up a notch! The mutant hero is posed in the midst of intense action, leaping over a bullet-ridden rooftop with a machine gun and katana at the ready. When working with the clandestine team Wade trades in his iconic red for a black and bluish-gray version of his skintight costume that still bears his usual assortment of goodies including the knife sheathed on his left ankle, various waist pouches, and a gun holstered on his right thigh. The X-Force Deadpool also comes with two different heads so you can display him according to your tastes; one is a re-colored version of his traditional oval-eyed mask while the other has more lines and piping like the comic’s current artwork!


Gambitt said...

That shit is dope! Now, only if they would make a "Gambit" one :)

Anonymous said...

Age, or a little older, but altogether opposite in appearance, for he.