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Man Arrested for Tunneling into a GameStop

| Saturday, January 15, 2011
For all the stupid shit for a person to do, this has to be the dumbest for this year so far.

GameStop thefts are nothing out of the ordinary. I've been tempted to break into my local that get the backdated pre-order bonuses they display behind the counter, but aren't giving away. Still, this guy had the right idea -- break into a different place, and then tunnel in through the wall.

33-year-old Steven Paul Archer robbed a store in Johnson City, Tennessee by first entering a vacant building next door and then burrowing through like Mr. Driller's nefarious twin brother. Perhaps he thought it wasn't breaking-and-entering if you came in through the wall of a place nobody owned. He was kind of wrong.

He was arrested on January 13 in the nearby town of Chuckey, with the total value of his stolen goods and cash estimated at almost $6,000.

It is not yet known if Archer perpetrated this act with the help of Johnny 5. That last sentence was a particularly specific cultural reference based on one of the least memorable moments of a film that even I barely remember.
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Gambitt said... by no comment....almost forgot the smh to this shit. Tunneling into a Game Stop is very O.D. I would have to say.

supastarrr said...

LMAO wtf! homie trynna get his fix 0_o

Anonymous said...

LMAO TOO!! This was a very dumb move. What ever happened to saving your lunch money to cop games??? Tunneling is some very new shit for Digs. I don't understand what's happening right now.